Wednesday, August 01, 2007

happy la la, a thing of the past

in may she could manage happy la la papa.

the concept hit home. and ever since she would chant happy la la if she saw a cake, any cake. and ofcourse, any gift wrapped package.

in two months, magically, just when its happy la la time again, she sings, happy birthday to you, mama. and smothers me with kisses and hugs.

before my eyes opened, she was there, solemn, holding a gift, and singing happy birrrday to you. the papa prodding her, but not prompting. she got it on her own.

and then the kisses and hugs. not stopped since. happy birrrday mumma, and a kiss and hug. its been a week of happy birthday hugs.

hmm...but i did miss a happy la la wish by eight weeks! damn!

two days back it was her cousin vaanya's birthday. and the same solemn holding out of the gift ( a white paper lamp that she painted all on her own) and singing happy birrrday to you.

all is well with the routine except one small detail. she gives the gift, and if you dont act fast, she takes it back and rips the wrapping paper before you can blink. poor vaanya. must have been taught not to grab gifts and rip them open. so politely took the gift and waited for the right time, madam got into action before the birthday girl could.

this is the sweet story.

the not so sweet one. as all mothers of one to three (please tell me it ends by then if not before) know, the thrill of spilling liquids can be matched by only one thing- cleaning it.

she asks for a glass of water. i give it. she asks for a katori. i say no. she pleads, plish katori plish. i say i will give it to her only if she promises not to spill the water. i do a double take because she says, pucca, no giraongi. pucca??? okay, yet another word that will come back to bite me.
pucca she says. and then after satiating thirst what does she do? pucca plays with the glass, the katori, and the water. and there is always the floor to add to the list!


Poppins said...

Oh Happy Birthday !

Moppet's Mom said...

Belated birrrday wishes!

karmickids said...

Belated birthday wishes...and yes, the giraongi doesnt end at three dear, it goes on and on and on....

SUR NOTES said...

poppins, moppet's mom, karmcikids -thanks. and karmickids -damn, it does not end?

sonal said...

happy belated birthday. happy birthday belatedly, bleaty elated birthday, belated happy birthaday,blearhday happy!