Friday, August 17, 2007

my kitty party

the husband calls my blogging an online kitty party. no, i dont get offended. i forgive him his strange sense of humour, and acknowledge the envy hidden somewhere.

i have created a space to talk about the mothering milestones as much as the child's milestones. my space. and i tiptoe around other mothers speaking about their own milestones. scattered all over... we wish each other's children a happy birthday, cluck over fevers, bruised knees, dislocated shoulders. unlike my friends in the real world, my online world does not know much about me before i became a mother, yet the connection is as strong.

so what happens when we transgress from this virtual space into the real world...

poppin's mom, this one is for you... i met the mad momma!

and the brat and the bean.

at the gate the watchman asked where i wanted to go, i stammered, oh third floor i think. i looked up, saw the terrace and said, that looks like it could be the terrace with the swing and the plants. and he said, oh, woh madam jo do bachchon ki ma hai... thats where you got that name from mad momma!!!

walked up and yes, the plants and things and artefacts are there! though the second floor confused me, they had things too outside their door, but all far eastern kind of things- and did not remember anything far eastern from the blog, so trudged on.

the familiar faces were at the door. ( ps i had seen photos of the mad momma, not the ones rudely cropped at the neck, but real photos with her head intact, so i was prepared for the broad lovely smile : )

and the familiar colours, and furniture. now i can organise the rooms spatially. i know whats on the left and whats on the right. so poppin's mom, i read the blog very differently now!

and the conversations continued...not at all as if it was the first.

and the brat and sanah took over from where the mothers had begun...

and the bean smiled gloriously and nodded off to sleep.

and tea followed. and lots of clicking photographs. and lots of filling up the gaps- yes, i met him in college...and oh you worked in tv 18, so you know my friend z... and ah ha thats how you met space bar... and achcha this is the swing with the lovely golden light falling on it... and oh you stay only a couple of lanes away from the aunt i am avoiding...and it was time to leave... the bye was calm and if i would drop in again the next day. i did, i just logged on and went to the mad momma's blog to check on her, the feverish brat and the beaming bean.

and you mad momma, your cruel hacking off of your head on your blog got me so nervous i did not get a single picture of you!!!


Space Bar said...

mummy! i also want to be there!

~nm said...

Ignore the hubby! :P Only in this aspect baba..nothing else *wink* :D

Good to know you had a great time!

Poppins said...

Oh my ! Thanks so much Surabhi ! I felt like I was there in person and the pictures are gorgeous too.. lol at what the watchman said.. Did madmomma know that she was referred to like that ? :)

i love love this part as if i would drop in again the next day...i did, i just logged on and went to the mad momma's blog to check on her, the feverish brat and the beaming bean.

I feel that way too, logging into all the blogs in the cosy mommy circle, like peeping to a neighbor's house and chatting with her.

SUR NOTES said...

space bar: we did think of you lots. told tmm how you came into my life that flooded night in andheri! sounds so dramatic.

nm: oh i have mastered the art of ignoring his idiocy! can start training others.

poppins:it was fun. now after the mumbai mommy meet, shall make my next trip to bangaluru!!!

the mad momma said...

what a lovely story! its almost like i'm watching from the outside.

spacebar dont cry. we'll meet you too next time. dipta calls us the satsang

anja said...

kitty party indeed, he is jealous..haha. My dh is amazed when I tell him oh it's sanah's 2nd bday today and moppet went to the zoo etc..i am so glad i found your blog it inspires me and entertains me. i went a little senti in a comment on your pics on rohan's/anarchytect's blog thru whose i found yours and several i'm a bit embarassed..=P