Monday, August 13, 2007

of updates and similar impulses

the silence on my blog has been because of my travels across the countryside and little or no access to internet.

i went travelling just when the discussion on the post regarding sanjay's film began exploding and hotting up. shall pick up on that with loads to add because i have spent the weekend watching four films addressing partition. but more on that later.

spacebar urges me to post a screening update. let me begin by saying that delhi terrifies me. everything is national level. you get off the train and take an auto through central delhi and you go down roads with ALL the party offices- the epicentre as it were, the prime minister, the president, they all live somewhat along the way. this is it guys- this IS the epicentre.

and then IIC, while waiting nervously before the screening you only accidently see the political/journalist/academic stars...its a very very different star watching. and then the audience trickles in to a FREEZING hall. nothing can be worse than the NFAI, pune and NCPA, bombay auditoriums, but IIC, it puts greenland to shame.

the audience came in, and as some familiar faces trooped in i calmed down. dear nisha spent the afternoon with me giggling at my delhi phobia, already making the phobia feel immensely and supremely foolish.

the screening began, i sat right at the front, not wanting to know who was coming in, or if anyone was leaving. my evaluation of a good screening is if i enjoy my own film. sounds very self preoocupied- it is, but i also bore very easily, so if its a good way to evaluate. and dheet that i am, i enjoyed this screening. i could not hear the loud laughter and the thumping and clapping that was there at NID, neither the boistrous laughing at KRVI. but then this is the IIC.

the lights came on,hmmm, the house was almost full. so i guess few people left while the film was on. good sign, i guess.

the discussion began with an ex-prof of george ( with whom i had spent the morning) wickedly raising his hand and asking who sanah george is. i end my list of thanks with her name. i weakly answered, just a little two year old who has spent more than a year of her life tolerating the editing of this film.

and then another question by anita- asking about remo, in not the politest terms. i did answer very well, even if i say so myself. his was the most difficult journey but thats a discussion we can have only of you have seen the film.

and a series of corrections by a lady who is trinidadian- i would open my mouth and she would say, no, not 25% but 20%, etc, you get the drift. she ended her series of correections by saying that this film was interesting for her because it was not the film that she would have made- now thats a good one, dont you think space bar? i thought of you in my head, giggled in my head, and politely nodded to her.

i had left sanah with naga, old old dear pal. and bravely urged anita to not babysit with him but to come along with me. he agreed and now naga had to look after their five year old and my two year old. he has a bad back, and has been in bed all week. and naga, being naga, smiled and said go along and have a good time. i am sorry but most of the men i know are like this- they are for real!

so off we went for the screening and post screening i got the news that the five year old was fast asleep. and my two year old was having a blast with naga, refusing to sleep.

so it was time to rush home, until other friends urged us to be bad mothers and come out for a beer. naga called and said- just go ahead, sanah refuses to sleep but we are having a blast together. two of us bad mothers were joined by two other bad mothers. one of whom had a baby, a cat and a puking dog alone at home with one adult. so a bunch of us film wallas just spent the hour giggling and catching up.

so it was a good evening, all in all. by the time i came back the child was asleep.

and the next day, after scrapping with auto guys, coolies, delhi puppies etc etc i was in the train back to bombay with sanah.

and once again she has brought a nasty stomach infection back from delhi. damn that city. but she also found two beaus. one was an adorable two year old who doted on her and whom she treated rather casually. the other was a five year old whom she tailed the entire time we were there, and he kept asking me, if i close my eyes will she go away?! how do i pass on this bit of wisdom to sanah- always go for the one who treats you like a queen. the two year old lovingly pushed the swing while she sat like cleopatra. the two year old was tmm's darling brat ( yes, i transgressed, i crossed the line between cyberspace and the real, i met the mad momma). the five year old, a very charming roshan, who does not like little girls.

so chalo, we can deal with the stomach infection, but any ideas of how to tell this girl about which boy to avoid and which boy to go for???

and she turns two tomorrow -


Poppins said...

So that's where you've been. How come you kinda just skimmed over this line?
( yes, i transgressed, i crossed the line between cyberspace and the real, i met the mad momma)

C'mon give us some juice, we live vicariously, y'know?

Space Bar said...

happy la la to sanah in advance! gosh!

i think i am going to make a (25%) list of funny questions. in fact, you should secretly film all your screenings the next time, and every other screening or reading you attend and make a compilation of weird questions. Then you can sell it to Comedy Centrala nd use the moolah to finance your next docu.


You stayed with Naga! It's been SO long! (Though he sent his Hi through Anita, I didn't meet him). Such fun!

the mad momma said...

for my boy who trailed her like a devotee surabhi. what a question

Gauri said...

Here's wishing Sanah a very happy birthday !!

Hope all of you have a lovely day.

SUR NOTES said...

poppins:yes yes, thats a full post, with photos! but after this girl's fever goes down and birthday celebrations end.

space bar:even a little booklet might be fun. 20 questions you are afraid to be asked

tmm: we have to teach our girls- go for the one who dotes on you!!! so my choice is obvious. but womanhood is doomed go for the guy who pays scant regard!damn!

gauri: thanks so much

dipali said...

Lovely post- glad you enjoyed the screening, the partying, and meeting mad momma and kids-sounds great. Hope Sanah's fully recovered now:)

dipali said...

Happy Birthday- its already the 14th!
Lovely little Chana Masala- happiness always:)

anja said...

Happy birthday to dear Sanah! Already 2 years old., wow..I hope she has a wonderful la la day. Sounds like your screening went well too, congratulations.

surgeon said...

She shares her birthday with my mom!!!
happy birthday sanah and kamala! :)

Poppins said...

Gosh I almost forgot !

Happy La-La to Sanah! Where's the party tonight ?

the mad momma said...

happy la la dear Sanah

anja said...

I thought I left a comment yesterday wishing little Sanah a very happy la la day! Hope she has a wonderful day!

surgeon said...

man... shes two.
doh! rendu! ni! dos! 2!

the reason i emphasise in so many languages is- i've suffered thru my parents "early" enthu match making.

when i was 18 or some age like that- i met one of those guys (who my mother managed to hook me up with when i was like 3 or some vague number) and he was a total dumb-ass and chauvinist. it was very very very painful to live thru my mothers- and his mothers- sidey attempts to remind us about how we used to play with eachother.

at that age play takes on a whole new meaning.

surgeon said...

since when did you enable comment moderation???
is this why my last comment isnt published here??