Sunday, August 05, 2007

one two ka chaar

many mommy blogs have discussed the issue of bringing up bi-lingual children...
my take, the more languages the child grows up with, the many more ways she gets to twist meaning, syntax and structure. sounds good ? huh?

not always as good as it sounds, but fun, always!

me: gosh sanah, look at the fish on your t-shirt. how many fish are there?

s: one two thee chaar

me: no, there are two- look, one....and two

s: one... two..ta

me: huh?

s: one...tuta

me: kya tuta?

s: one tuta chaar

me: huh?

s: one tuta star.
and the winning smile appears...

ok now what wish should i make on this falling star?


Poppins said...

Very very funny. I love the mish mash of the languages.

~nm said...

Hehehe...its fun listening to the chattering of kids in such manner :D Its raelly fun and puts such a big smile on our faces! Right?

Kuntal said...

That's cute! Agree with you - more languages the merrier. Meha has four at this point and I bet she doesn't know the difference anyway - she just uses what she wants at that point. (She does call herself a Sindhi-Gujju ... wherever she got that from !)

the mad momma said...

i agree with kuntal - the brat doesnt know the diff between the languages we speak to him in.. he just uses whatever strikes him. i love the little play on words though :) dying to see her

dipali said...

Such a doll! Tricky, though, with more than one language to contend with.

Amrita said...

I'm really looking forward to mine talking. My kid understands kucho, baisa, bas, sit, baitho to mean the same thing. I am wondering how WE will ever understand what she's trying to say.

Space Bar said...

ay! screening update wanted!

surgeon said...

I was taught gujju and marathi as a kid, didnt know any english till i was 10. But i've fogotten both those languages coz the bais who taught me went away. needs constant revision i guess