Thursday, September 06, 2007

HAS THIS HAPPENED TO YOU / calling all mothers for advice

can there be regression after potty training???

to (verb) potty in the (noun) potty is something we achieved as early as april this year. smug in how easily it was achieved, the mother gloated.

and the gloating has just been flushed down the drain!

she will not sit on the potty. not on her little seat with ugly red and blue rabbits( could that be the reason? but she loved them until some weeks back). not on mummy's black potty seat- not on papa's white rim ( why do men leave the covers off!!!! ok thats not the point of this post....leave it...). not on the indian squatting potty. we abandoned the potty in layers- first the baby seat, then mummy's, then papa's and now even the indian one.

and she wont do it outside/diaper/panty -so potty time is crazy time. run from loo to loo/potty to potty -cajole/urge to sit on rabbits/on black/on its done outside/panty/wherever leading to despair all around, particularly her despair-lets not talk about the one more round of cleaning for me...

so whats going on???

i have never shouted or scolded her in the fear that the angst will lead to an anal retentive child ( i am a psychology major- great jargon makes a deep imprint in one's brain) - and if you have met the child's mother you will know the meaning of anal retentive!

so then whats going on???

i thought just one more step and the(noun) susu will be done in the (noun) potty -but thats not to be as yet....

i really need advice - i dont even know what term to google search for tips- regression potty training?


karmickids said...

I wish I knew sur, really, brat is now so obsessed with his potty that he can sit on it for hours and refuse to get up. Even if he has no urge to purge.... these kids I tell you!!!!!

Poppins said...

With a title like that, it's hard to resist pitching in :)
It happened to me, poppin was pooping in her potty seat at 14 months, until 18 months. Then she stopped all of a sudden and refused to even acknowledge the potty.

Now she's back to it (started around 22 months) and she's still on it. Although I probably jinxed myself now :)

Space Bar said...

Can't remember having problems, but I may just not be remembering. I was just wondering if you asked her why she doesn't like to potty using her seat? She may tell you, no? You could ask her questions she can answer with a yes or no, if you think it's too complicated for her to tell you by herself what's happening.

SUR NOTES said...

oh well, thanks kiran, i know what lies ahead.

poppins:so you went through this too? just hope this phase passes very soon

spacebar:i keep trying. actually the little potty seat is spongy, so if its not totally dry it gets a bit squeaky and that freaks her out. and if you remove the damn seat then the western potty can be quite scary- i need to hold her-and she wants her space :)or something like that. i need to gain her confidence that i will not make her sit on those silly rabbits when its wet!!! or something like that...gosh would you have eer thought we would be writin/chatting to each other about such strange things!

dipali said...

Sur, I've forgotten all aspects of potty training by now. Do take Sanah to buy a new seat that she likes and that isn't spongy when wet.(That even sounds uncomfortable).Maybe it's just a phase! All the best.

NainaAshley said...

Potty training is hard. I'm still struggling with apple on that one. These days she negotiates with me if i tell her to sit on the potty...its like..'will you give me candy then?'
I'm waiting for the day when she'll be diaper free.

LOL on your dirty laundry and dead end conversations posts...still catching up.

anja said...

Is this potty(noun) she is refusing a separate entity? Or is it a thing you attach to the big potty? You get these ones that fit on the big seats here besides the separate kiddie pottys that some kids like to graduate to..Maybe she can have a step stool to reach the potty with the kiddie seat attached, that way her legs can touch something and her legs are not dangling? Maybe she'll feel secure and grown up?
Thumki is still going on the potty(noun) it is one that is on the ground next to our big far she is going ok. She goes susu every morning as soon as she wakes up very consistently and that success has helped her with habit formation for susu. Anyway hope I don't run into the refusal thing coz I'm being so smug..I prolly will. I'll cross it when I come to it.

choxbox said...

hi surabhi.

i would second what dipali says: go with her to buy a new potty or potty seat.

the mad momma said...

once the brat got constipated and the pain scared him shitless (!) for days he refused to sit on the potty and did it in his pants because he thought the potty caused pain. failing that i would go with dipali's idead and the stool. sometimes their legs fall asleep