Thursday, September 06, 2007

a film's non screening journey

sanjay kak's film has been battling hateful prejudice by a group that will not come forward to discuss the film.

disrupting screenings through anonymous complaints to the police is the only strategy they know. its a strategy that can work pretty efficiently, simply because the state is happy to put a stop to any discussion around kashmir.

but what does this strategy say about the situation in kashmir? can there be a more effective way of alienating the people of kashmir( apart from posting the maximum number of security forces anywhere in the world in kashmir)???

Read this beautiful post by the film's editor.


Space Bar said...

Don't know if you read the Sarai posts. I didn't trawl through them all; but these guys - at least three of them, have been turning up on every blog that's talked about the film - including yours and mine - and posted the same LONG post about the film. It's only on your blog that something resembling a discussion took place. Weird, no?

minubhai said...

who are they?

sonal said...


NainaAshley said...

You are tagged!