Tuesday, September 25, 2007

how could i resist?

overheard the father singing to the child as he fed her lunch:

dum maaro dum
kabhi khushi kabhi gam

dev anand and karan johar rolled into one verse, now who would have thought of that!?!?!


the mad momma said...

better than dum maro dum.. kiss my bum.

i grew up hearinjg that!

SUR NOTES said...

the kiss my bum song was scripted by some ingenious soul. the one i mention is what the father of the child would have sung thinking he has got it right.

with george , he will surely mix up the words, and even the tune- he could begin one and move onto another in the same line- and all off key. good singers like yourself could only marvel at this feat.

~nm said...

Hahaha...tood good and yes its quite indigenous of papa dear! :D

dipali said...

my husband does this too......
we are subjected to very strange compositions very often:)