Friday, September 21, 2007

when i grow up...

at the srfti gate in calcutta i take shelter as the skies explode with grey hazy rain.

all i have to do is sprint across the wide road and pray one of those plump yellow cabs amble along, but with sanah at my hip i choose to wait.

with hair curlier, and a larger afro than mine, a sweet faced srfti driver in the official car stops and offers me a ride to a cab. i am truly thankful and hop on.

polite conversations about the purpose of my life follow ( i revel in these stray conversations that dont hum and haw but get to the core of one's existence). and then...

to sanah: babu, tum badi hoke film school jaogi ? Baby, will you go to film school when you grow up?

sanah: nahi. No.

To sanah: To kya karogi? tum doctor banogi? So what will you do? Will you become a doctor?

sanah: nahi. No.

To sanah: to tum badi ho kar kya karogi? So what will you do when you grow up?

sanah: main baarish mein bahar jaaoongi. i will go out in the rain.

yes, i am still gloating. i will keep her focussed on this ambition.

and i suspect if he had asked "tum badi hoke kya banogi? what will you be?" he might not have got the same answer. what will you do when you grow - what i really really want do -go in the rain.

as my mom will repeat- be in the here and now... she is gloating too -my grand daughter has learnt my philosphy!


~nm said...

Oh my! Such innocence...I guess this can be expected only from a little child!

Space Bar said...

such a sweetie pie she is! i'm sure she charmed everyone at teh srftii!

the mad momma said...

even a beach bum... :) she has the bestest mother.

Poppins said...

That is so cute. Nut seriously what would she say if she was asked Badi hoke kya banogi? Just homor me please?

dipali said...

I was so glad I could meet you all and see your wonderful film!
Loved Sanah's clear ambition!

SUR NOTES said...

nm: well, i will try and my hardest to let her hold onto these small ambitions.

spacebar: it was very desolate there- she ofcourse had a blast even there.

tmm: she will be the rain bum!

poppins: hmmm, given her interests so far a cleaner is what she will grow up to be. she goes to the park and spends a long time sweeping the sand off the swings/slides and all else!

dipali: i still cant believe you travelled across the mad city and traffic to come for my screening. thanks so much. i am truly touched.