Tuesday, October 02, 2007

full names

sanah goes to school tomorrow. i have only on rare occassions tried to teach her the 'full name' given to her by her parents- sanah surabhi george.

she knows herself as sanah- and thats the way we like it.

and everytime i have tried to teach her it has resulted in much mirth -

because she starts school tomorrow and will probably be asked her full name i thought i might tutor her, yet again, got the same result-

sanah, what is your full name?

sanah surabhi mummy george papa

no no, i say, surabhi and george are a part of your name. no need to say mummy and papa.

she looks quizzical and says - sanah. surabhi mummy. george papa.

we had given her name without too much discussion- with a syrian christian father she was to get her father's first name as her second name. with the kind of mother she has i had to figure in her name- sanah sharma george, or sanah george sharma sounds silly. i thought of naming her sanah janak(my grand mom's name) george. but then thought sanah surabhi george is fine- she can knock of one name later on in life- if she goes after sanjay leela b- then she will keep me and knock off george- or whatever.

well, at age two and one and a half months she has knocked off both our names!!!


Gauri said...

Good Luck to Sanah and her mommy.

May school life be filled with fun for little Sanah.

anita & amit said...

oh full names come next year, when they are being 'prepared' for the interviews (sounds more like preparing to barbecue to me). with a surname like amit's i thought it would be safest if n had no middle name. but right now, inspired by our maid whose name is sangita ganpat nanglekar, she has taken to calling herself n.. aniamma amitacha omanamu sangita vachharajani (omana is my mom's name). sometimes some names are dropped and other's, like her dolly's, are incorporated. so it's n + pinky / maya / khushi + v. as if life isn't tough enough!

ajay noronha said...

sanah surabhi mummy george papa...hahaha! i can see that pleased-as-punch look on her face. o what fun!...ab tera kya hoga? ;) a big hug to her n not to forget the safety-pinned hanky, else i'll get another call!

dipali said...

Lovely child- she knows exactly who she is:)

NainaAshley said...

LOL. She knows what part of her name is only hers!
Hope she has fun at school. She'll eventually learn how her name works.

the mad momma said...

oh dont go there. you know the OA and i both have gigantic surnames. my poor son sticks with his first name. we havent even tried to teach him his entire name!

the mad momma said...

oh and all the best with school to Sanah!

which main? what cross? said...

LOL. Kids! Once upon a time u could have ur say until they were 10-12. Not anymore...

Poppins said...

I've been out of the blogosphere for like 10 days and Sanah has started school? *Gasp*

Glad to hear she's taking it well..Now I am feeling the heat !