Tuesday, October 16, 2007

how this school system works...

the update on sanah in school after exactly two weeks is : all well. she goes in all smiles. comes out all smiles. her little snack box is wiped clean. no surprises there -as long as there is variety in her food she eats well. as mentioned in the post the only new development is here love of clenching her eyes shut and praying- and the mother and father HAVE TO follow suit.

the update on me and schools can only get worse - it seems if you send your child to a small, private, local, play school and nursery the child will not get admission in the big schools after they have done their kindergarten. why? because you should have put your child in the school's play school- 30-40 kids in a class, and you should have registered sometime before you even planned to have a child ( thats me talking so please bear with my prejudice and weak attempt at sarcasm).

two weeks into sanah's school and mothers with wide eyes are telling me that i am in trouble - my child will have no where to go after she is done with this playschool/nursery/junior kg place!

works fine for me - no argument over neighbourhood school v/s alternative school with the father of the child -she wont get admission in the neighbourhood school because of her bad mother's bad choices!

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NainaAshley said...

Yep...the education system has become a big money making machine in India. Your kid has to be in the playschool and you have to pay a hefty donation and apply before they are born and have them recite shakespeare at the age of two...I culd go on.