Monday, October 01, 2007

i am not ready, she is!

its obvious i am talking about SCHOOL.

every morning she puts on the shiny green bag and pretends she is going to school.

on the road, in the park, in a coffee shop she chases children- mumma i want to say hi.

mumma kaam kar rahi hai? sanah bhi kaam kare?

i am running out of nursery rhymes to chant( i DONT sing very well, dont mock me), the ones i invent are all in blank verse, with the occasional word rhyming.

i was to put her in school in december. she would be 28 months old. i still think its too early to put her into any structure, but grudgingly i accepted that she would enjoy the company, and a life beyond her mum's friends/film viewing* /and travels.

yesterday after she chased a child in the coffee shop just because she wanted to say hi, and another child in the park, just because she wanted to do everything that he was doing, the fater of the child said- we need to send her to school now! she needs a regular set of pals. and she needs a life outside of you!

small faced i went to the school today-hoping the teacher would say, no place, come back in dec- or better(or worse) you did not want to put her in school- now why are you here with your tail between your legs??? instead she laughed a hearty laugh when i described my troubles and said, send her, she will love it. wednesday at 9 am- she will set out with her shiny green bag!

and sanah was trying to let go off my hand today itself - so many childen to say hi to -she was all set to give chase!

i want to state publicly that i am married to a scum bag . news has filtered back to me that he is going around telling people that ideology and concepts of child rearing be damned, sur wont send sanah to school because she cant let go! and when we meet people who hold forth on how terrible it is that children are sent to school before they turn four i hear the man parrot all that i keep ranting about pre-school. and since leaving comments on blogs is below his dignity, i can keep bad mouthing him!

* saw 6 yards to democracy and johnny gaddar. absolutely loved johnny g. and loved many things about 6 yards. longer reviews later


surgeon said...

sanah and school? its too early na?
my god i feel like shes grown a whole year in a month!

karmickids said...

which school? Hope its Kangaroo Kids!