Monday, October 01, 2007

johnny gaddar

this is true film noir!

a cold plot, devoid of moral judgements or moral angst. a dark narrative of treachery and violence. the plot revolves around intrigue, even though the audience is privy to the main murder and crime. you know who did it. the intrigue and suspense is about how the story unfolds. and its a tense , taut plot to the very end.

the film begins with layers and layers of references, to films, books, in-jokes from the director's life (prabhat road,pune, michael joseph from bangalore- his batchmate- "sir wo michael joseph ka case solve ho gaya bangalore mein" - am sure loads more that i did not get...). whatever are the obvious refrences serve the purpose of setting the framework of the director's love- cinema-pulp fiction, etc. you know what you are in for.

and then the finely crafted screenplay begins.

with a consistent shot design- not the occasional stunning shot that comes out of nowhere like an item number!

and a complex sound design, that makes the film cold and tense.

and what a simple way to crack the eye candy hero who is probably a non actor - write a script where all he has to do is have a nice presence. which he actor does. all the scenes, and the 'acting' is done by the slew of accompalished actors playing the secondary roles.

and dharmendra -yummy, inspite of the bad stuck-on moustache.

all the characters solve the mystery one by one - brilliantly scripted except for the way in which govind namdeo cracks the mystery- that was too easy and pat. but ofcourse what follows is totally unexpected.

and the women- ofcourse they drive the events, and the course that the events follow. true film noir, i say. affairs, deceit, all play out without any moral anxiety.

and the drama is solely to do with the way the story unfolds- no emotional highs and lows scripted into the scenes. the highs and lows are all to do with the grand puzzle that the director has laid out.

mazaa! please go and see


karmickids said...

Really! I must go see. I loved what he did with Saif and Urmila in Ek Haseena Thi. This one sounds promising, havent seen such detailed narration and interesting scripting (Like EHT)in a while....

rajk said...

Hi, Responding to an old post..
I loved Johnny Gaddaar too.
But I was wondering if you could find out something for me. Whose voice is it who sings "Mora Gora Ang Lai Le" on Dharmendra's tape-recorder. I mean, his wife's voice...who has sung that actually? It was beautiful!