Wednesday, October 24, 2007

more rhymes

this one from tai... who works at home...

the tune is lovely, i wonder if its a film song...

cyclewale, topiwale,
the one with the cycle, the one with the hat,

b rrake lavun* tham
hit the brake and stop

chale double seat laam, laam, laam...
lets go far,far,far, double seated!

sanah sits on her fat yellow bike, and sings along with tai...

any mallu reader here? sunita, how about you? please send me some malyalam rhymes...the bby mallu father seems to know none!
*thanks for the correction, anonymous #2


Anonymous said...

"avalaki, bhuvalaki, kanchina minana. dam dum dish bush dum damaar..."

That's Kannada.

SUR NOTES said...

thanks anonymous- translation?

Sunita said...

Hi Surbhi, The one ryhme I sing very often is this..
(my manglish is horrible so you might need help)

kake kake kood evide (crow, crow, where is your nest)

koodin agath orru kunj unde (there is baby in my nest)

kunjin thitee kodukanai, kunj tarumo nayiaapam (would you give me your appam to feed my baby)

illa tarilla nayiyappam
(No I won't)
aiyo kake patticho (oh you cheat)

(Horrible translation, I know :))

Anonymous said...

oh yeah! the rhyme posted here is a marathi film song and it goes "birek lavun thamb"!

anita & amit said...

hello, i'm a mallu too! here's one: kunji thathe pogaradey (don't go away little parrot)
kunji thattil paal ille? (isn't there milk in the little bowl?)
Kanji vilambaan nyaan ille? (sort of: kanji dene ke liye main hoon na?)
pacha pidichoru padatho (in a bright green rice field)
machina agatho maanattho (in the store room or in the sky)
pichakalipada velatho (in the hot sun where little kids play)
poocha pidikyum ni ortho! (the cat can catch you anywhere!)

SUR NOTES said...

thanks folks! and sunita and anita, will get the pronunciation from the husband...

and anonymous #2 - what film? shall try and get cd or something-its a delightful song.

Space Bar said...

This is nonsense but I was taught it when I was a kid:

O, onnara dakkara dakkara dan,
Yaval kaval must be done,
Kallan kullan twenty one,
Yaa yoo may bluck,

Bluck-a thooki mela pota,
Chettiar veetu nandu,

Nand-a thooki mela pota,
Nagaratna paambu,

Pamb-a thooki mela pota,
Panchavarna kili,

Kili-a thooki mela pota,
Krishnan thalai la kondai!


SUR NOTES said...

spacebar: are all the words (apart from the english)nonsense words?
help this penjabi out! give translation if there is meaning...
and thanks : ) this is fun

Upsi said...

dropped by and couldn't resist:

kochu poocha kunjinu oru
kochu amili patti
kachi vacha choodu paallu
ooodi chennu nakki
kochu naanvu poliyapol
kochi poocha thengi
meow meow meow

the little mitten
got in trouble
she went in and
slurped the hot milk
her little tongue got burnt
and she cried
meow meow meow