Friday, October 05, 2007

of super girls and tarzans

my head still caught up with super girl's quick thinking, i was fooling around with the kids in my building compound.

we have the bars that hold up a swing. without any swing to swing on. two eight year olds were feeding caterpillars at my behest, and sanah squealed in delight. at some point they shifted to the swingless bars. i got the girls to figure how to clamber up the side bars and swing from the top bar. since its not a jungle gym , it took some skill. one of the girls who was pretty athletic managed it. sanah and i clapped and cheered- and i called her tarzan! she said, but tarzan is a boy. i answered, you are tarzania! mighty pleased the girls, began calling themselves tarzania!

come on anita, spacebar, horticulture, super girl : write the next female action hero book soon!

anita, maybe barbie yakshi can get a makeover and become a hero.

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karmickids said...

And my Supergirl will slay men with bad breath and well as women who are impossibly thin despite eating everything visible.