Thursday, October 18, 2007


she rhymes better than her mama- must be the dr seuss we are reading!

sanah, potty karogi?

nahin, sanah ko mana hai!


Poppins said...

LOL. And I meant to comment on your previous post as well but blogger didn't allow me !

This is on the school system one, is it like that everywhere? Or is that only a Mumbai thing, I ask this because my cousin living there also used to tell me the same thing and I always thought she was exaggerating.

Scary thing huh? The fact that you hold this child's education in your hands and you actually didn't do the needful? That's me I'm talking about, I have not even begun looking. Ok I'll stop before I go on full panic mode.

SUR NOTES said...

yeah poppins, must be a bby thing.

and dont you worry, its not scary- just makes me mad, and more obstinate! in anycase, bangalore is the city for amongst the best alternative schools in the country -