Thursday, November 15, 2007

for banno

banno, she came visiting our house too...should figure out who she is from the wonderful folk here

i had spent the most enchanting morning with them on an ant watching trip. And one of their projects is to study the bio-diversity in urban settings.


Batul said...

Lovely, you did manage to get that photo. I tried for an hour atleast, with no luck.

peccavi said...

That is a red pierrot (Talicada nyseus ( From the one leaf i can see in the photo- that looks like a Kalanchoe. So it must be visiting your plant to lay eggs. Soon the caterpillar will emerge and eat 'through' your leaves. The leaf will look intact as the caterpillar feeds in between the upper and lower surfaces. You know they are there as the leaves will soon turn papery and when you break them a lot of greyish/black sandy pellets will be seen (caterpillar excreta). Soon it will pupate and one fine day a gorgeous red pierrot will emerge. They devastate my kalanchoe every year. But dont worry the plant springs right back to life and leaves once the caterpillar pupates. To wait for the next life-cycle of the butterfly to start. I hope you don't mind the extra long comment.

SUR NOTES said...

hey peccavi, thanks so much! now i can be more watchful and get sanah to see the caterpillar emerge into a butterfly. could anything be more magical?

thanks once again.