Friday, November 02, 2007

a simple click of the fingers

why do i worry about travelling alone with a child. indian railways and co-passengers zindabad! everyone helps out. from the pantry car service men who keep giving extras of everything, to the uncles and aunties who travel.

so this time it was a family of four -parents and teenage daughter, and twelve year old boy. ten minutes after i got into the train my child left me. First it was didi she wanted to befriend, and then bhaia and then aunty. she went to the top berth with didi while bhaia jumped from berth to berth to amuse her. and didi, she was her champion- taught her to click her fingers. a wonderful way to keep her busy, enchanted, hypnotised.

all the books i carried to amuse sanah, the family took charge of them and read them to her. she was not mine, through most of the journey.

in short, all i did was , READ MY BOOK, and sip endless cups of tea!

the berth was still too narrow for my kicking child and me. and at 4:30 am, she sat up and declared, nahin sona, didi kahan hai? it was kota, thats where the train had stopped, and the bright lights of the platform had spilled onto our faces. this is my birthplace, kota, so at 4.30 am while i pleaded, threatened, pleaded again with sanah to go back to sleep i thought of you dear kota it was that you and papa would have pushed me to take my first baby steps. and see, now i had a baby stepping on my sanity, sleep, and whatever else!

and for the fairy tale type train travel story to end happily is a cop out, right? just as the train rolled onto the station, barely two hours before my screening, and me anxious like child who is potty trained declared ,potty! how the story ends is an easy guess, so will let this one pass...


~nm said...

Yes! This is one thing that I love about us Indians! Ready to befriend anyone! So pally even with strangers and especially the kids need no introducing and they have tonnes of friends already! :)

SUR NOTES said...

hey nm, have given the details of the jami screening in the earlier post, dilli.


Very true! Watched a similar scene on the Mysore-Bangalore train. It was so touching.

sonal said...

your blog is looking superbeautiful!

Rohini said...

Sounds like the train might be easier than taking a flight, which with my brat is two hours of mind-numbing torture!!

karmickids said...

That is really so true and what I miss most with flying, we get the speed of reaching fast but dont connect with anyone on flight.
But, sur, seriously, would rather fly than be alone on a train with brat for longer than four hours. I am not a foolhardy woman.

dipali said...

To travel hopefully is better than to arrive!
I've always wondered why people can be damn nice to each other on trains, most of the time, but revert to their normal complicated, perhaps not so nice selves off them. Maybe because they know they are fellow passengers
for just a limited time. But( I get philosophical here) on the train of life, we are all fellow passengers.
Much happy travelling with your beautiful Chana Masala.
I'm feeling so privileged that I've seen your wonderful movie!
(Oh, my son had seen it at IIC- and liked it a lot. He didn't meet you, but he knows Anita Roy (I think that was the name).

SUR NOTES said...

sadhana: train stories are always fun...and you are so right sometimes touching...

sonal: :)

rohini and karmickids: its really fun. and you will never be alone, people help out. came back in a flight today and back hurts!!!! and no one helps!!!

dipali: who is your son? i must have met him. anita is a close friend. i could not stop telling tmm about how touched i was that you braved cal traffic to come and see my film.