Friday, November 23, 2007

tags, awards, and an urban dystopia

late last night as i walked back home with many many bags, very heavy child on hip (i know its bad for the back, but when you are balancing many bags there is little choice)i stopped by at the roman wines shop(we must keep clicking sign boards to remind ourselves that we are not delusional about the strange signage we are surrounded by )and bought old monk. the deeply ambiguous expression of the shopkeeper on seeing a mother/woman at 9 pm at his shop reminded me that i too am strange, and fit into the world of strange signage quite perfectly.

so i walked on, chased for a short bit by unfriendly dogs, and reached the front/back of my building (only those who have visited me will know why the confusion)completely overshadowed by a spanking new mall/multiplex that sits on a triangular hanky size site. there might not be an uglier building in sight, its the kind of building that makes the husband salivate in glee, he has one more juicy tid-bit to add to his theory on urban dystopia.

and there we were, my child, many many bags, a litre of old monk, snarling dogs in the dark shadows of yellow-red dazzle, trotting along, and i was adding up all the errands that needed to be done, and in slipped two tags and the collection of an award...gosh, blogging and the blogging community were real real real...and i meet a small gang of this real world tomorrow -

about the tags, tmm and kiran - will pick them up but i am really not witty, and you would definitely not want the straight and factual responses to the tags! and parul, thanks for the award- and see you tomorrow!


Batul said...

Errands, Old Monk, Bollywood Stories and Pregnant Moms-to-be. You have your hands, arms, hips, back full, dear girl. Have fun.

Space Bar said...

heh. er...onelitre?! you mean one full bottle only, no?

and you missed a golden opportunity to say entrance from backside only.

karmickids said...

You hardworking lady, you. Make me feel ashamed of letting the men do homedelivery of such incriminating stuff...

SUR NOTES said...

batul, having fun, but why do i feel as if i might faint?

space bar, damn, i dont come up with such lovely lines like entrance from backside only because wit stands far apart from me!

karmickids, the choice was between picking up the bottle on my way back, and having the door bell ring just as the child falls asleep.and a trip to roman wines is good for her education, na?