Tuesday, January 15, 2008

famous actor breaks down?

did you read film magazines when you were growing up? ( go away all of you who grew up in the 90s!)

do you remember raj kapoor getting drunk and chasing devi, the journalist? as a pre teen, the part of the anatomy he was chasing after, made for very exciting reading. and the starlet who accused rajesh khanna of molesting her. and who was it who chartered a plane or a helicopter and showered zeenat aman's balcony with flowers? did sulakshana pandit really go crazy with despair after sanjeev kapoor died? and what exactly did they do at the osho ashram, both vinod khanna and mahesh bhatt?

aah, so many questions...what a wonderful way of shaping your notions of romance and scandal.and the mind did travel- not to far off places, only the filmi parties in bby, inside ashirwaad where you know whose toothbrush was placed next to rajesh khanna's toothbrush, and ofcourse osho ashram. and where exactly was i reading these magazines? that i dont remember. we did not suscribe to them. not so many visits to the dentist and hair dressers back then. but clearly i read them.alot!

and today, as i google searched to see if a pal has got an award for his cinematography i found a filmi website. and what was the first article i read, why anil kapoor broke down? why? because he saw his daughter on screen for the first time.

what has the world come to????


Banno said...

Yes, oh yes. I usually got my stock from the raddiwala. Back then, gossip a few months here and there did not matter. Good to have you back.

rajk said...

Hi, My first visit here but looks like it won't be the last.
I used to raid our colony library and friends homes for all filmi masala mags (among others). I remember reading Filmfare, Stardust, Movie, Star & Style, even "Madhuri" in Hindi!
And yes, I distinctly remember reading about the Raj Kapoor episode! The aversion that began then towards that particular Kapoor never went away...

Itchingtowrite said...

filmi mags are great at waiting room/ parlours/ gym..
not much concentration needed

SUR NOTES said...

banno, yes, the raddiwala it was for me too i think.

rajk, welcome... and its so comforting to know that our collective memory revolved around such deliciously inane stuff !

itching, i think if i got my hands on some good old scandal i'd drop work and begin pouring over the lurid details! and not wait for the visit to the parlour. but definitely not if i have to read about anil k mooning over his daughter!!!

Parul said...

"where you know whose toothbrush was placed next to rajesh khanna's toothbrush" - he had a thing for anju mahindru...didn't he? And didn't he take his baraat through the lane where Anju lived?

I am such a huge bollywood fan...I love all the gossip that surrounds them...somehow the page 3 gossip doesn't quite cut it for me.

Great post! More, more, encore :)

SUR NOTES said...

no no no no parul, that was tina munim's tooth brush!
anju madam was before his marriage. the baraat story i did not know- see now such things are meaningful.

who went to whose party wearing what- that does not expand my mind, does it?

parotechnics said...

erm, since Devi is a favourite of mine for many reasons and I am collecting stories about her, all memories - not only the milky ones - please send my way..

Dharmendra also famously slapped Devi because she broke the story of his secret marriage to Hema Malini

Yes Rajesh Khanna married Dimple Kapadia to spite Anju Mahendroo, after a fight they had. She was shocked - and he did take the baraat past her house.

Afterwards DK according to Neeta's natter had an affair with Vijayendra Ghatge

Frankly if I'd had half a brain I would have cooked up a culture studies PhD topic on this stuff and I'd be in bliss now instead of doing accounts and logging tapes.

Tchah men.

SUR NOTES said...

yes, yes,yes, i know about DK and vijendra g - and i saw him close to her house- my school was in juhu then- and felt like i had a scoop! but no one was listening!

will have to dig up devi stories from deep within myself. must be many more of them there. and you can get my mum for the sixties scandals.

do your accounts girl! and to cheer you up i will dig up devi stories.

Space Bar said...

see this is why i wonder why i ever bothered with film school...i never did all this magazine poring and i knew nothing about the sex lives of our starves - er, stars.

SUR NOTES said...

space bar: you went to an alternative school where you did not need film magazines and their lurid gossip to escape into when you were in class! (no, i never had the guts to read the stuff in class, but day dreaming was a wonderful way to escape) : )

Mukul said...

hey even me, well brought up boy, had read that devi chaubal story and the part of the anatomy starting with d.. that raj was after! i will never forget that!!

karmickids said...

You know, Sur, for all the years I handled the entertainment pages at a weekend supplement, I wondered why we never got an article which had some research into it before the actual interview was conducted. Topics covered were usually affairs, past, present and future. Things have worsened. There are no film journalists who understand films. There are only gossip mongers left. Yes, it is definitely intriguing gossip but one could do with some good educated and informed writing on films.