Saturday, January 12, 2008

lessons for the father

the father was a part of an experimental theatre group. the ones who have contempt for all realism ( and the mother was a part of theatre that worked with, gasp how passe', realism).

and yet when he reads stories out to the toddler he uses realism in full glory. darling, when the monkey in the book cries, and you make it too real for her, she will cry too, and get upset.

why do you think she liked saawariya over OSO and TZP??? those pretty tears of sakina did not remind her of the real thing. they lulled her into a fantastic world where despair is beautiful and the city is black and blue with the occasional red.

and once again,
i remain yours truly,
the smug mother

(he has a theory on smug mothers, but he does not blog, so there!!!ha! and much of what he has to say includes unprintable words in a holier than thou kind of blog that belongs to me. so ha! ha!)


dipali said...

Realism and smug mothers:wow!
There's something for you on my blog

Space Bar said...

Yes! G had the same thing about TZP. Should post about it...