Monday, January 28, 2008

more rhymes and other weekend news

entertainment for the mom stuck alone at home for the whole weekend:

teaching your kid to chant
"ho ho ho chi minh
we shall fight,we shall win"

(listening to republic day songs is inspiring i say)

and she forced gorgeous dhanno to gift her a doll that has been named diamond. dhanno, thats what she thinks your name is. and little diamond is being looked after well, has been bathed, fed food, rocked to sleep and taken for a horse ride on my tummy.(around twenty two times already) so while she settles into warm domesticity and chants....ho ho ho chi minh...the mother smiles a content evil smile.

and incase you are wondering what on earth this rhyme is -just something papa learnt in his school.
and when she repeated the new rhyme to him over the phone which shade of pink did he turn to? i wonder...


Banno said...

Hmm, I think Dhanno is going to be very pleased with her new name. I'm glad Sanah took Diamond. We are always going to remember this doll, aren't we? The doll she took from Dhanno. All of us had a real Sanah hangover for two days, please, please bring her over again.

karmickids said...

Wicked wicked

dipali said...

What fun!