Thursday, January 10, 2008

phantasmic pink

pink is her chosen colour.

can we go in a pink train? mumma, meri pink dress ke saath matching matching pink train?

she is not even wearing pink, but if i remind her we might need to go back and change. so as we jump into the auto to get to borivali station i absentmindedly say, no , there are only laal trains, laal best bus, and laal trains. she looks crestfallen? hmmm...

and as the train rumbled to a halt at andheri she shouts, mumma, voice shaking with excitement, piiiiiiiink train.

its for real, not a mirage. a pink train stands before my eyes.

i forgot about the existence of that cursed industry, advertising. nothing is sacred to them, not red BEST buses, and not the dusty red local trains that are the lifeline of all of us suburban folk.

so here was a pink, not a pink you would covet, spacebar, a pasty pink , screaming gelusil- antacid, anti gas.

a pasty pink lifeline? the pink train that will banish all flatulence and heart burn?i shut my eyes hoping the phantasm would melt away. and sanah's wild whooping continued, piiiiiink train, piiiiink train. she had just seen her pink paradise.

ps we saw a second gelusil train leaving churchgate just as our train rolled in.there are alteast two of these terrible things rolling along the western railways.


dipali said...

Bacchey ke sacchey dil ki pukaar sun li gayee: the advertising god of all things gave her a pink train:)

Space Bar said...

heh! i know the train you mean. think i've even seen it. antacid pink is right! please don't tell me it's a ladies special - that would be too much.

SloganMurugan said...

Bangalore's Ladies Special buses are painted Pink. The Scooty Pink colour.

SUR NOTES said...

dipali: hey ad god of all things please dont grant her wish for other things pink. it might become a rather unbearable world!

spacebar: not a ladies special. men need to step into the pink landscape of flatlulence too!

sloganmurugan: i KNOW. have seen them. a disaster.