Monday, January 21, 2008

she opted out

tomorrow is the sports day at school.

yesterday was the sports day at her nana-nani's building.

the very excited papa and nana took her to the race. i would have gone but the thought of sitting still with the sunday papers laid out in front of me, without a single crease out of place, was far more tempting. ( and i have a thing about races and i opted out)

and then she did.

she was chuffed and excited that she would run. when it was her turn along with ten other toddlers she ran, stopped halfway through and said, papa tum bhi bhago (am trying to teach her to say aap, i guess he and i will have to switch to aap and not you fool, tu idhar aa...). why should papa be left out of the fun of running in the race?

so other parents stood at the finishing line and egged their children on to come first. many as the father reports, going red and purple in the face. after the first two children, the organisers and the parents and the cheering audience lost interest. so the 7 plus the 1 who stood in the middle, learnt their first lesson in the moronic ways of the world. at 2 years they were taught that its not about how fast you can run.

she realised that something had gone wrong.she went quiet.

although when she came back home i whooped with joy hearing the story of her first race. and she began to find it somewhat funny that she did not run. but she was not fully convinced.

my girl! almost as fantastic as little ishar who did not run but released gas balloons, one by one, while his pals panted towards the finishing line. but it warmed my heart that she 1) did not get the point of the race and 2) because she thought that since running is fun why shouldnt papa join in...

tomorrow is the sports day at school. she alternates between, mumma, main bahut fast bhagungi to mumma, mujhe race mein bhagna achcha nahin lagta...

did i mention my pet peeve- competitions ?


Space Bar said...

hooray for sanah! and good on yer!

dipali said...

Lovely child! Sur, tu bahut mazedaar hai:)

Banno said...

She's got her priorities right, the little one. Good!

the mad momma said...

2 year olds racing. fortunately my son's school hasnt started that - yet. when they do, i'll shoot myself.

and yeah.. hurray for sanah!

Sadhana Ramchander said...

Took my daughter to learn skating a couple of years back...she was about 7. End of each session, all the kids raced, with the parents going hysterical. I was the one parent who kept telling my don't have to win, just enjoy it! Sure enough, I was the weirdo in that group. Yes, the world is like that only!

Kudos to Sanah!

Sue said...

It's so silly. What is the whole point of having toddlers compete? Its' like exams and tuitions for preschoolers -- utterly meaningless.

SUR NOTES said...

the little girl has quite a team cheering her on!

thanks folks, glad to know that most agree with my take on competitions for two year olds