Thursday, February 21, 2008

a 70 word bio

my mum needed to submit a 70 word bio somewhere.

she sent me a 256 word draft. ( no, we are not people with few words)

i slaved all morning and finally this is how i began..
(no, i did not stick to the 70 words, but managed under 100)

If I had to choose between flying a micro-lite plane three months after a by-pass surgery and teaching english literature all my life because I slogged over my masters degree in the subject, I would choose flying. Thats what I did and given a second chance thats what I would do again.

can i add that i have a very weak heart not because of nature but because of a certain kind of nurture?


dipali said...

Wow! Your mom sounds most remarkable, Sur, write more about her please:)

Banno said...

Incredible! You lucky creature.

Y said...

really??? like, really????


SUR NOTES said...

dipali: she would demand a blog dedicated to her!

banno: yes, i had fun growing up - but you can see the scars- i am staid!

y:really! like, really! i still have palpitations.

Nat said...

no - really?