Tuesday, February 12, 2008

and pronouncements

we were invited to witness the navjote ceremony of a college friend's daughter.

she would be officially a follower of the religion after this ceremony.

and the ceremony was to be performed by her son, his first step to becoming a priest.

we missed the ceremony because of the blighted city traffic.

we were in time to see the family being photographed.

and i am the best candidate for the embarassing aunty award. the tears slipped down the cheeks as i watched the little girl dressed in pink glow, and my college friend stand like mother earth herself next to her.

the last time i was at this venue was when she had got married.

that was probably the last time i heard " you can kiss me on a sunday" and "young love". the birdie dance has played on many times after the wedding and before the navjote.

and the food was....like the last time...a feast!


karmickids said...

I know...the food. I will kill for an invite to a Parsi Navjote...I will even do the birdie dance

dipali said...

Lovely pictures, especially the last one. Did Sanah enjoy the feast?

Anonymous said...

Boy, The 'bawas' really know how to eat well! I too, would do anything to crash a Navjote! Although I have many Parsi friends - unfortunately only two have condescended to procreate!

SUR NOTES said...

karmickids: the only veggies in that feast was a handful of corn in the rice. my kind of meal!

dipali: she stuck to roti and papad. she is a fool to miss chicken, mutton, bheja and fish!

anonymous: all my bawa friends married outside the community. idiots are out of the loop now. thank god for this one friend- there are the weddings of the two kids to look forward to now! i am the embarassing and greedy aunty!!

Banno said...

yummy, yummy. love sanah and the banana leaves.