Thursday, February 28, 2008

breaking news

one of the articles in the paper today has made me confront the truth.

i am a net addict. i have no 'real' social life. and some more bitter pills without any sugar coating.

i needed that.

but is there any other way in which these articles could be written? do you also hear the gong in the background when you read such stuff?

drink red wine and you will live long. gong.
dont doubt your spouse and you will have a happy life. gong.
be nice to people, they will like you for it.gong.
dont divorce your spouse, your child will be happy. gong. and yes, some obscure phd research found on the net supports this TRUTH and it quotes "...." gong.

oh the one i treasure is this, something i read a couple of months back...if you are a mother and a career woman you must remember to be professional at your workplace. here i did not hear the gong, i had fallen off my chair, the thud masked the gong.


SloganMurugan said...

LOL. I read The Hindu. Relatively fewer crap like that.

SUR NOTES said...

groan. thats what i read for six years in the garden city! i led a happier life not knowing i should not doubt or divorce.

Space Bar said...

you are on a roll. :D

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Banno said...

I hear a "whoosh" as my heart sinks. The worst part is I brood about these things for days. Like I spent whole of last week thinking that my problem was lack of commitment, this was after a quiz I took. My whole life swam before me for days and nights. Must, must, must stop reading all such path-breaking research.

Poppins said...

LOL LOL LOL. Have nothing more intelligent to add, but I found this really funny !