Tuesday, February 12, 2008

the city

the bylanes behind kala ghoda continue to be far more exciting

and full of surprises

than the mela that is kala ghoda.

i did get to see a whole package of films by maya deren. and that was a delightful treat. but more on that later. and i did miss every reading, and that was my loss.

and then that night as the grand tooth brushing ritual where she is the high priestess and i am the fool who never gets the hang of the ever changing ritual began, she came up with this gem...

mumma, aaj muh mein kaun hai? who is in my mouth?

we go through this routine to get her to brush vigourously to banish the creature who has decided to hide in her teeth.

kaun hai? i ask

kala ghoda she answers and proceeds to brush her teeth.

and who can dare tell her she is an outsider to this city??? kala ghoda made his home in her teeth for one night when she was almost 30 months old. can we get a certificate stating the same? stamped by someone of authority?

when a city monument comes visiting you belong to the city. you should.


anja said...

love this post..and the idea of the monster in the mouth to be cleaned out.

dipali said...


Banno said...

yes, yes, yes. when a monument comes visiting ... beautiful post.

SUR NOTES said...

anja, dipali, banno - thanks.