Monday, February 04, 2008

i did not catch on

the signs were there for us to see. how could we have missed it?

the petulant clenching of the jaw

the menacing leaning forward

the stubborn stare

yes, we are in the middle of the terrible twos.

it HAS to be done her way.

and no, its not funny, its not cute.

we are the victims here.

and why has googlebhai decided to underline this whole post into one giant link to her ominous expression???


dipali said...

What a lovely photograph!
Is sympathising allowed? If so, heartfelt sympathies. If not, grin and bear it:) Tough time, guys, what to do- these two year olds are like this wonly(:

Y said...

awwww...what a photo...

am sorry to hear about the tough time you are having.

i can only imagine

and of course it's not funny, it's not cute...

but your post is!

SUR NOTES said...

dipali: sympathising not just allowed, but demanded! there is NOTHING i do right if i go by her report card.

y: post cute. me cuter. the baby- NO!