Thursday, February 21, 2008

missed calls

today is the day no one is taking my call.

and most of the time my phone rings i am trying to get the child to blow her nose/ ensuring her hugs dont stall my feeble breath for ever/ pleading with her not to leave death traps all along my path to the phone ( have you slipped on a plastic yellow duck with very smooth wheels?)

do we get charged for these missed call messages? someone is making a lot of money!


Space Bar said...

sorry sorry sorry. like i said, i was driving. and waiting to see you and G and Sanah again!

SUR NOTES said...

hey no prob. i tried you only once.
and i want to make sure i spend time with you guys atleast this time.

Pooh said...

It happens to me all the time. All my friends choose to not pick up the phone every time I call.
I call it a conspiracy! Might be it is their way of telling you talk too much.

dipali said...


Suki said...

Awww.. :hug: