Friday, February 15, 2008

the one and only

the bad bad mother cribs.

and the child has this to say:

nana asks her something about her papa.

she: kaunse papa? which papa?

nana: tumhare kitne papa hain? how many papas do you have?

she: 1,2,3.......9,10....her voice trails off only because she muddles the eleven with the twelve...

nani: tumhare kitne mummy hain? how many moms do you have?

she: 1 !

hmmmm.....bad bad mother who thinks longingly of annoying children in hindi films.

ps am too guilty to think gleefully about the chance of her having ten papas.

and am too pleased to analyse why poor papa being treated so badly.


Banno said...

Where does she get her ideas from :) Was just thinking of her last night. Am going to come in to see her.

SUR NOTES said...

i wonder if it is because the pals who keep visiting to check on my sanity aj, muks, setu, men.
banno, please please visit soon. before the papa asks any questions.

dipali said...

We hope, for your sake, that the father is not of a suspicious bent of mind:)
Sanah, you adorable embarrassing child- Muah.
Sur, sympathetic hug!

anja said...

me too i'm coming to visit.

Amrita said...

Shukar hai there is only one papa. Its terrible to imagine not being able to get along with more than one spouse when one is juggling post partum depression (which as we know can extend till your child is fourteen or some such). Ek kafi hai.

Sue said...

Heh... Sur... what HAVE you been up to, to confuse the poor child so?


SUR NOTES said...

sue: aah, if day dreams were as real as the child's ideas!

and ami: whats wrong with you? papa #1 is boring? the rest of them are solely to pamper you!

and dipali: the poor fellow is too tired to be suspicious.

and anja: lets fix a day.