Thursday, February 14, 2008

simple solutions

as i crabbily make my evening tea, i ask her
"kya khana hai?" what do you want to eat
"papita" papaya
she answers

i pick up the wanted fellow and go
"tcha, kachcha hai" tcha, its unripe

a quick retort
"to ubaal do" then boil it

so now she will give me cooking tips too.

you remember those annoying children in hindi films? thought of them longingly.


~nm said...

Hahahaha...this was hilarious!! Although quite logical from her point of view!

Her Highness said...
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the mad momma said...

:D in another year she'll be a better cook than me i am sure :)

SUR NOTES said...

-nm: you bet very logical from her point of view. she sees me boil the milk when she wants some.

tmm: well if she is going to boil papaya, you will still remain the better cook. no fear. but she is a darling helper when i cook the meals. " ab tel daloge? ab pyaz? etc..." just in case i forget the routine.