Friday, February 22, 2008


with a million apologies to kiran who had tagged me a million hours ago - i remember that i havent taken it up as yet...working on it...

and banno has tagged me to go through the A to Z of moi.

A -Available?
ummm...what do you really want?

B-Best friend:
never had only one.

C-Cake or Pie?

D-Drink of choice:
before sun set or after sun set ?

E-Essential thing used everyday:
depends on my mood.

F-Favourite colour:
depends on my mood.

G-Gummi bears or worms:
worms. can watch them for ever.

which ever city i live in when asked this question.

afternoon naps

J-January or February:

K-Kids and names:
one sanah.

is all about breathing in and out. really!

M-Marriage date:
26 oct. but not as significant as 29 sept. and 23 sept was important. so was the early part of may one year. huh, what was the question?

N-Number of siblings:
13 cousins i am very attached to but i am told that that does not count.

O-Oranges or apples:

that i will begin to get bored.

no, no...i am useless at pithy lines that give the meaning of life.

R-Reason to smile:
a hand written letter

the cold, but not too cold, the rain, but not too rainy, never the heat unless it is mind numbing heat.

T-Tag three people:
anja, and only if you dont mind sloganmurugan, ramblings of a shoe fiend, ammani

U-Unknown fact about me:
i am pretty shallow- no bottomless pit here hiding hitherto unknown facts.

V-Vegetable you do not like:
i like them all.

W-Worst habit:
easily distracted.

X-x-rays you have had:
almost every part except the head.

Y-Your favorite food:
meat! cooked well, not necessarily well cooked.


edited to add:
U-unknown fact about me:
i thought hard after this post and realised there is one fact- its a confession actually.
there are certain adjectives that are used that i just dont understand.
like -pretentious. i know the meaning, but when you say tha person is pretentious, or that book, film whatever is pretentious, what does it mean? pretending to be what other than what it is? affected with what? exaggerated what?

another one- obvious. when you say thats the person, book, film, writing, whatever is very obvious WHAT DOES IT MEAN? obviously what? obviously what it is? lacking in subtlety to do what? what? what? what?

I normally nod my head blankly and hope hard that the person will go beyond the one word label and explain.Generally one word analysis/critique do not work for me. Thats why i am so grateful to find a solemate(i actually wrote solemate instead of soulmate- what is wrong with me!!!) who is likely to hold forth for atleast 13 minutes even if we are only discussing the pav that morning. My day is good because i know that if i ask lovingly, sweetie how is the pav this morning he will never, ever say -pretentious i.e. pretending to be a slice of bread, or french baguette, or a kerala paratha. Nor would he ever say -very obvious i.e. obviously a mumbai pav.

this is how you spot a soulmate!


Space Bar said...

I wish I'd thought of hand written letters. Except, I wouldn't just smile; my hands would start shaking in excitement and I'd do a weird dance between wanting to save it up and read it all in a rush so I can read it slowly immediately afterwards.

SloganMurugan said...

No problem :)
Done >

Nat said...

Your observation in the last part of the post really gave me a good laugh. Esp when I pictured the confusion on your face. And the hoping that the conversation would hopefully entail an explanation.
Did you make up your mind on making that documentary on pregnant women? I know I'd watch it for sure and even gift it to close pregnant friends. It really is such a special time. One way or the other.

dipali said...

Booful! Esp. loved the (non)pretentious solemate:)

Banno said...

Obviously I liked the edit notes better than the rest of the quiz post. Wish my solemate was as garrulous.

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...


SUR NOTES said...

space bar: a friend just mentioned that she posted something for me last week. and i have been tracking the journey in my head- aah, must have got sored by the sorter and put in the bag labelled india- must be on the lonf flight across the seas- should reach the majestic bby GPO this week...and yes, hands shaking in excitement already.

slogan murugan, rambling of a shoe fiend - thanks!

nat: yes, have begun work. you know any pregnant ladies in bby?

dipali, banno: you did write solemate only to mock me, right?
and the bby trains and traffic are slowly removing the 'garru' from garrulous, and quietly adding a 'y' at the end! : (

dipali said...

Mock you, Sur? Wouldn't dream of it:)
Sad that garru is less(: