Monday, March 03, 2008

college admission

my mum's oldest ahmedabad friend was visiting. i grumbled to her about the child wanting to be carried and refusing to walk.

her answer: she has realised that she can go far from you so she wants to cling all the more.

my eyes welled up, damn my back, i will carry to her college if she wants!

but if she turns out like me or her father- she will REFUSE to let us accompany her to give in her admission form in college! oh damn, the tears are going to freely flow.

and this story, and the lovely quote will just make her go BAH!

probably the whole blog will make her gasp and shudder.


dipali said...

But of course! The bloggers' babies will grow up and form a support group.

Very sweet post, Sur:)
The fledglings will fly the nest, and submit their own college forms, Inshallah!

Amrita said...

I hope mine will want to go to college at all. Currently (at age 20 months) she wants to do everything BUT what I want her to. Maybe I'll tell her she shouldn't go to college. She'll go with a vengeance.

Btw, she is now truly bilingual. All words in English AND Hindi/ Oraon, just so no part of the audience is left in the dark. Eg. Paani/water, Honeybee/Tathaiya (that's an Oraon word), Baitho/sit, Aao/come, No/mat-do, etc.

dipali said...


karmickids said...

Oh Sur, damn, will carry the brat whenever he asks to, damn the back and the shoes...

Banno said...

Oh sure, that will definitely happen. Every time something happens at home, Dhanno says sarcastically, "So you are going to write about this in your blog, right, that I did this, that and the other." And Teja threatens to start his own blog about me.

Itchingtowrite said...

Cute!!! i wish i cud accompany mine to their school

Niloufer said...

Hi Surabhi,
Just discovered your blog through an old friend who's visiting (Anjalika); from her blog to yours. Big hello to George and Sanah. We have a two year-old daughter too. Would be nice to catch up with all of you.
Niloufer Venkatraman

karmickids said...

Hows Sanah? And you? Thought of your post yesterday, landed home from therapy and there was a power out, and no lifts. So carried a sleeping brat up 15 floors. LOL. Am fitter than I think. My legs are dead today.