Tuesday, March 18, 2008

global village !

the title of this post could not be cornier...but then the point of this post could not get more crazy!

i gave birth to a baby and i had begun fretting about being isolated and cut off from the world. i began reading mukul's blog and discovered a world. he led me to anarchytect's blog. and soon i was peeping into a virtual world of my friends, films, performances, art shows and the city.

and in two months i started my blog, tentatively at first, but soon enough i began enjoying writing about my journey as a mother. i told few people about the blog. but mukul found me, linked me, and few friends began visiting the blog. it never occurred to me there would be people who did not know me who might begin reading. anja was the first person, whom i did not know, who left a comment on my blog. it was a shock that anyone other than a few friends might be remotely interested in what i wrote. i have still to recover from that shock!

she was pregnant when she visited my blog. and then became silent for months. and then she posted, i found her again, and she wrote about the most gorgeous little girl, thumki, her daughter. she would post sporadically, but i had got attached to her and thumki. another stray post and i realised that we had both done the same course, a couple of years apart.

then she mailed me saying she is coming to bby and lets meet. on the phone we discovered that we went to the same college, and were from the same department.

she came over. there were too many common interests, but with the conversation getting interrupted every few minutes ( we are the mothers of two toddlers, what do you expect?)we stopped figuring the connections.

and today i went across to meet her and another common friend. soon enough i discovered she had gone to the cal film school and i knew some of her batchmates. she went onto talk about her stint in Germany as an exchange student and something clicked in my head.this sounded vaguely familiar. "we might be related" i said. did she fall of her chair, i dont remember. our common friend giggled, that i remember.

it needed a few minutes with her, another few with her mum and all the connections were made.

my mother's first cousin is married to her mother's brother!

a girl discovers my blog sitting half way across the world. and her mama is married to my massi....and what was i saying about the global village....in my rambling i lost the point somewhere :)

and i shall post photos from both visits because the kids had a blast both times!


Suki said...

So precious :)

Lovely coincidence, isn't it? :D
Would love to see the pictures!

dipali said...

It's an amazingly small world, isn't it, Sur?

Banno said...


Poppins said...

Oh man, that is too much ! 6 degrees of separation alright

anja said...

too much man..its an amazing world, tu meri behen nikli!!