Sunday, March 23, 2008

holi 2008

to begin holi with a breakfast of jalebi, pakoras and a samosa is heaven.

followed by a good soaking, lots of colour, some of it in the mouth, eyes and ears, more soaking, a warm bath and a nap. more heaven.

and to watch your child forget her attachment to cleanliness and orderly behaviour, and to go beserk in the water, the muck on the ground, colour, more muck, and more water. she was far more sceptical last year.

you can see its been a very good day!

happy holi.

getting ready for the summer and all the colours


Candyfloss said...

Happy holi!

dipali said...

Sounds great! May all your Holis be as happy:)

SUR NOTES said...

candyfloss, dipali: thanks- wish you the same.
and happy easter too!