Monday, March 31, 2008


its pretty darn fantastic that we pay good money to have dinner while terrible music plays/plagues.

if the bad music is loud, it is obviously annoying. and if its played low, its like a dozen pesky mosquitoes buzzing around the ear.

fancy shancy restaurants or local shocal restaurants- lots of money spent and a solid dose of bad music!

the child ofcourse does not mind, she takes off her shoes and walks around stalking children her size, smaller/bigger than her. often comes back glum, wo bachcha hello nahin bolta. i gently try and tell her that while a child is ODing on coke he does not want pesky little girls distracting him.

and whats with parents who turn to you and ask, how old is she? she talks in full sentences? and then look disdainfully towards their own sweet little child and say, he barely talks. i rush in to defend him, oh some children start late, but you see how clearly he will talk when he starts etc etc.

and then i notice that through the meal the parents do not spend a minute talking to their child. hello, what do you expect???

edited to add: just re-read this post and realised that we, the father of the child and me, are some sorry poor country cousins of einstein. the ones who got short changed of ALL intellect. if we wanted a child who did not rattle the five Ws all the time- why this, when that, where what, what where, and who...we needed to practise self restraint and not go yakkitty yakkitty yak all the time. what was that about you reap what you sow....or something like that.


The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

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the mad momma said...

i agree. it drives me nuts when people say that and then i notice that they dont talk to their kids at all. how the hell are kids supposed to learn?!

dipali said...

Come on Sur, a nice, chatty, communicative kid any day, even asking all the W's in the World.
She's lovely:)

karmickids said...

MM and sur: I spoke to the brat like a maniac. From the time he was in the stomach. And he only began speaking full sentences a year ago. Every child is different. And has only begun answering relevantly and coherently. Its not the talking to the kids, its the child's intrinsic ability as of course, he doesnt shut up.

SUR NOTES said...

kiran: yeah, i understand. and i generally try hard to avoid being judgemental of what other parents are or are not doing. but it annoyed me that they said all this in front of their sweet little son who just looked on.

rajk said...

I'd think they're just trying to pay you and your little girl a compliment. I've said similar stuff to other parents but that doesn't mean I don't value my child! I too spoke to him right from when I was pregnant but he still spoke very what? He's still my special treasure! And he knows that.

SUR NOTES said...

rajk: yeah, after reading your and karmickids' comments am feeling i was unduly harsh.

SloganMurugan said...

Akbar (The Akbar) once built a nursery in Fatehpur Sikri and reared a lot of children who were brought up without listening to any human voice or language.

This was an experiment to ascertain what language the children would grow up and speak on their own.

Result: The kids did not develop any of spoken communication. And I'm sure they became mental wrecks.