Wednesday, March 26, 2008

what makes me happy

i am terrified of tags, because i mull over them for days, unsure of what to write. and then i feel awful that the person who tagged me might think i am 1) ignoring the person and tag 2)am lazy 3)am lazy 4) am lazy...

so then i get into a tizzy and do what i do best, procrastinate.

but some tags hit you straight in the face, suddenly...

like this one

i woke up with a mission, the mice will work while the cat is away. the husband is away, and i will sort his three cartons, two trunks, and five piles of paper that sit like giant installation pieces in the middle of the tiny room that serves as my study and sanah's room.

These are papers i sorted sitting on a stool when i was nine months pregnant, with carpenters all around me, hurrying away, because i threatened i would deliver my child in the middle of that mess.

i sorted the papers with utmost sincerity, asked the husband to go through what i had deemed as junk, as important, as worth sentimental value etc. He went through and put EVERYTHING back into the cartons and trunks, and what did not fit was stacked up as piles.

the baby came, the baby room was pretty unusable. i began editing my film, i shoved all the papers into the loft. last Year, sometime, all the papers were brought down because HE wanted to sort them. his parents were expected, so i shoved everything out of sight , under the table, behind the door. they left, he brought them out, to sort them. i forget how many times we played this game. but its been months since the two trunks, many cartons, and even more piles sit around me while i work on the comp( now do you know why i blog, rather than complete my three proposals, its to escape the mess around me!)

to come back to the tag.

given that i have gone insane with these papers, when i began this morning i was foolishly happy to stumble upon the corniest things this man has preserved. read this. i collect objects, he collects the written word.

to give you a sample:
a dog eared script of a play he did a decade ago
a newspaper article on the human chain formed in Harsud eons ago, significant for the two of us
a term paper deligently written in the third term of his MA
a bibliography listed out sometime , someplace
a leaf from his notes, because i had doodled and scribbled on the side
etc, etc....
the mush is fast turning to rage because i spotted an untouched book titled 'how to learn typing' that he has held close to his heart since college, a book i have chucked atleast fifteen time, its bloody back in the bloody carton!

before i am consumed by anger, here is my list of things that make me happy, and i include things i have, unfortunately, not done in a while...
and there is no particular order to this list

stumbling upon a letter/note that has been carefully folded inside a book, sheaf of "important" papers, or stored under freshly ironed clothes in the cupboard

taking the #1 bus from parel to regal, sitting on the front seat of the double decker. ( i did this almost every second day for the one and a half years i worked in parel)

walking from churchgate station to kala ghoda/VT/strand book shop/nariman point/regal

seeing the child delight over a glorious moon

books on sale

a good film, in a hall ( i just can not seem to watch a film alone on DVD or the laptop)

the few minutes before a play or a performance begins, when the lights go off, and there is a hush

a long train journey, with a book, or a dear one

any bby sea front in the evening

the grand trees that dot all of bangalore

clutching a freshly picked up schedule for a film festival and marking all the films we have to see( actually george marks and i argue)


spotting the flushed red cheeks when my mum tries to fib

spotting the shifty eyes when my dad tries to fib

spotting the overconfident swagger when the husband tries to fib

and i tag, poppins, y( if you are reading this), banno
space bar, i know you dread tAGS too, but how about the very small objects that you collect that make you happy?


Space Bar said...

:D okay. (at least, i can say it now, because rightt his moment i'm happy, but i hope it lasts until i do the tag...)

dipali said...

I love the tizzy's you let yourself get into, Sur. And I know what spousal paper collection are- we have two trunkfuls here, plus an old bookcase that I bought here, and drawers full, and we have left a cupboardful of files in our vacant flat in Kochi. You have my sympathies- they are generally useless and totally unsortable- best left for the spouse to do post-retirement.
I love seeing movies in halls too - the house impinges on me too much at home. Loved your list, especially the bit about the double decker bus:)

SUR NOTES said...

space bar: and very seldom do we dwell in 'happy happy land'. and yes, my happy thoughts vanished soon afer the post, i now have an allergy to these papers- have sneezed all day!

dipali: i cant wait for my spouse retirement. if i do my child will not have the room to herself until she is 18!

SloganMurugan said...

One of my fav things too: Walking from churchgate station to kala ghoda/VT/strand book shop/nariman point/regal.

dipali said...

Back to the loft for several years!
After which he won't want it anyway.

Y said...

arrey! whaddaya mean if you are reading this?!


i think kiran tagged me for this too... will do soon...

karmickids said...

Gosh I read this, and didnt leave a comment. What a creep Iam, I can just imagine, you wrote that so beautifully, sometimes it is great to be hoarders, just so you can get back to them years later and have great memories....