Tuesday, April 29, 2008

hands in the air

after a sense of well being yesterday, today i just put my hands in the air and say, i give up, i can not do it. sorry that i thought i could...knees on the floor, i try and dig a hole in the tiles of my floor (maybe peeping into the 5th floor household is the treatment i need )...

thank god for blogs.they take me away from my mess. i can read this and hope the clouds clear. and i can keep going back to this and see the most amazing baby shower ever!(this mommy blogger, because she really should give up, knows nothing about juggling time and was not able to be a part of this priceless production)

edited to add: heat and hysteria are great companions. and worse, cannot find the 'make blog private' icon in the settings so i can short circuit in the privacy of my laptop. so now shall do so PUBLICLY.enjoy!


dipali said...

All days are not the same, Sur!
Jo bhi ho kal phir aaega.
Missed you in the utter lunacy of the last fortnight:)

SUR NOTES said...

thanks dipali.