Wednesday, April 02, 2008

i am off...

for a couple of days. without the child.

she has assured me that she will take care of papa.

though she can not understand why she can not go for work with me.

and when i said i am going to a village and it might be hot and dusty there, she said ok.

and then after an hour, mitti tumhari aankh mein jayega. to tum bhi mat jao, or sanah bhi nahin jayegi.
" the dust will go into your eyes, so you also dont go, and i wont go too."

when i told her that i will take her there when i go for the shoot, she smiles, and so far, thinks its a decent deal. i said, i was going there to check out how much fun it is for her.

the real deal, i am going to do research for my shoot. and yes, check out if indeed it will be fun and fine for her. am in no mood to leave her for the six days that i will be shooting. two days, for now, is fine. i think...i hope...i am sure...

and meanwhile sanah's stint at play school comes to an end next week.

and despite all the disapproving mothers in my building and at her school, i am sticking to the little school for nursery. she is not even three, its fine if she goes to a school where there are 15 children in her class, and has to walk ten minutes to school.

and i must stop averting my eyes when they look at me questioningly...should say with confidence, no, we have done nothing about putting her in a big school.

but i can feel their eyes at the back of my head. oh damn, if i am going mad running from pillar to post a year or two later they will laugh.and i am sure we will be running around like mad - i will be called the mad woman, he, the anxious father.

and the choice available in the big school category, nothing to do with the philosophy of education they follow, the choice is of the board of education and how expensive and fancy it is, or not.the reputation based on available facilities and ofcourse the number of toppers. the philosophy, what on earth is that, is uniform.

its not as if i dont have enough cribs about this little play school. though she knows her numbers until 20, she struggles to count over five. she recognises a few alphabets, but sings all of them like its one of the many nonsense rhymes we make up together.

and i thought she went to play! and through play will get introduced to counting beads, buttons, spoons or whatever is handy. and through books she will understand words, phonics ... not chant 1-20 and A-Z ...oh forget it.

but...she hugs her class mates with joy when we bump into them in the market or the park. she clearly likes her teacher. how do i know?
got a clue with this conversation:
sanah good morning. tumhe sote waqt achcha sapna aaya ke bura sapna aaya?
"while sleeping did you have a nice dream or a bad dream?"
sapna teacher buri nahin hai, achchi hai. aap kyon buri bolte ho.
"sapna teacher is nice, not bad. why do you call her bad?"

and i guess she will say, "philosophy shilosophy! i want the school with the shiny buses, the bright uniform, the big building!"

for the time being we will all clap our hands in glee when we pass her little school, which is EVERY time we go out.


The Soul of Alec Smart said...

Oh it's awesome to read about her quips! There's something so different about the things this child says.. it always makes me want to crack up! God bless her :)

Banno said...

Good journey! And may you find the village not too dusty, not too hot, so that you can take Sanah along for the shoot.

NainaAshley said...

Have a good trip! Sanah will be fine. Hopefully you'll be able to take her for the shoot. Oh the things she says! Precious!

Kodi's Mom said...

LOL @ the sapna quip :)

I applaud you for going against the flow in the school decision. it takes real guts to go with your choice; and with a bright and curious child like Sanah I'm sure you won't regret it.

dipali said...

Looking forward to your next film, I'm sure Sanah will definitely contribute to it- such a wise little person alreadY:)
Glad to know you all love Sanah's little school:)

Nat said...

Good luck with the trip. have fun!
I totally understand about the school....I had the same instincts and it hasnt shot me in the back so far. My kids love it and that was my intention.
Sanah is a very interesting child - love to read about her.

the mad momma said...

i want to bang my head against walls when i read about school choices. have a blast. whens delhi on the list? why am i chatting here? why am i talking to myself?