Thursday, April 24, 2008

my morals

dont know why its been buzzing in my head since yesterday...

jingala la hum, jingala la hum
Jingala la hum hurr hurr, hurr hurr
hum bewafaa hargiz na the, par hum wafaa kar na sake

tried to give george and aj an 'on-the-spot' quiz- guess this film, the first song of the film is ,
one two cha cha
lets do cha cha cha
you and me cha cha cha
mr. naidu gir mat jaana
yahan tumhe kal bhi hai aana...

these are films i have not seen since my growing up years. but the lyrics have stayed in my head.

and probably moulded my morality...

pyar ka vaada, fifty fifty
kya hai iraada, fifty fifty
aadha aadha, fifty fifty
tara rum, para rum
something something

i used to croon...
aap jaisa koi meri zindagi main aaye
to baap ban jaaye
my blasted parents did not correct me and let me sing on)

satyam shivan sundaram was the height of erotica and completely sans any religious sentiment.

and vijay and anita smoking a cigarette in bed, in their hotel bedroom, seared into my brain. pre-marital sex, and the non chalance of it.( ofcourse these films re entered my world with the entry of the VCR and the VHS tape. i was five when the film released, could not have made sense of the premarital sex bit then. but with the VHS, and the replay button -i was thirteen!* smoking and smokers- this scene is what made them sexy! (i became a non smoker and married a non smoker -why? i will tell you in a bit)

but soon films began to muddle the wonderful ambiguity that the 70s films dished out to me. its true, i wept quietly as i watched
dekho maine dekha hai yeh ek sapna
phoolon ke shaher mein yeh ghar apna
main yahan hum
tu wahan hai
main aaya aaya aaya

blame my tame, staid life on those damn tears. thats why the smoking in bed remained only an important moment that i replayed over and over!!! to quote a 60s film," pushpa, i hate tears..."

luckily, i was steadfastly turning into a snob so i missed the wonder of
tohfa tohfa tohfa
laaya laaya laaya


i am happy i missed
kabootar ja ja ja


but in the process i also missed

ek do teen

sridevi's delightful drunken dance


but i soon woke up to the madhuri wave, and i was back, baby!!!
but alas, not like my growing up years, when as a family of three we watched a film every friday, 9pm show!

i had practiced dancing on one foot to the song
parvat ke us paar
parvat ke is paar
goonj uthi chham chham
chham chham
meri payal ki jhankar

damn, no evil step mother had put a burning log on my foot, but i would still learn to dance limping on one foot!

and i often sang in my head
tumne kabhi kissi se pyar kiya
tumne kabhi kissi ko dil diya
maine bhi diya...

yes, it gladdens my heart that sanah sings
dil me mere hai dard-e-disco

and it cracks me up when she sings

doli mein sajake
zamaane se chura ke
saawariya, oh ho ho...

may her morality be muddled!

oh damn, then i will have to ban the bollywood films of today. after johnny gaddaar there is nothing!

*prakash mehra has taken the scene from breathless. its true, watch the film and you will find this sequence. very different dialogues(for sure!)but the same nonchalance


parotechnics said...

arre yaar - why did you link the first song - we would have shown off no? Of course it's Shali-maaar, mera pyaar. Garam Dharam and Zeenie Baby.

You know it never fails to impress me how an entire generation's sexual landscape was shaped by the exact same moments in films. I too thought everything about Sargam was IT. My entire notion of romance was conditioned by Muqaddar ka Sikandar and I identified with AB strongly as the permanent rejectee. More than I did with Zohra Bai (maybe she was a bit too good looking for me to realistically relate to).

What about Padmini Kolhapure? Has she left no indelible mark? Or did she permanently depart our conscioussnes thanks to the haseen ghalati of Insaaf ka Tarazu?

SUR NOTES said...

paroji, a quiz like this is meant for mac boys who did not watch hindi fillums in their childhood. though for george the ah moment was the top on rati's tummy with kamal crooning. you remember that?

and padmini, she sang to the shivling before zeenie took over. and then my heart bled for her when the thorn went into her foot and rishi pulled it out. suffering and erotics, padmini showed me the way! :)

and ab , aah, lets not go down that path....

i stuck to the songs in my head- the stories that dance in my head-another post on that one.

Space Bar said...

Dammit! Paro beat me to it. (And I didn't even click on the link, ok?)

My favourite-est Hindi film ever is Yaadon Ki Baraat. My uncle used to tease me many years later by singing the title song and watching my face light up.

One other song that just stayed and stayed without knowing what film it was from (i've forgotten again now) until I heard it in Tanmay's house in Delhi went: 'Duniya jab jalti hai hai re bada mazaa aata hai'. It had Dharam Paaji in that one also. Gosh - I had no idea I had this thing for him. I always thought it was AB baby.

The Soul of Alec Smart said...

Finally, an appropriate place for my childhood obsession with the masterpiece "Meri pant bhi sexy, meri shirt bhi sexy" and the obvious disgust of my mother that followed when a 10-year-old me started singing it in a store, too excited after having been bought a new "pant" and "shirt". Personal experience tells me that muddled morals either totally pre-empt the mandatory and uncomfortable bees-and-birds conversation mommies dread, or the kid is bombarded with it sooner than necessary to prevent any further public embarrassment. Ask my mom! :)

Banno said...

Heh, heh, loved this one. One could go on forever no, about songs and films and childhood stuff. For years, Teja, Dhanno and I saw Friday or Saturday night, 9 pm show, apart from a couple of other shows sneaked in during the week. Now she goes off with her friends. Damn!!

SUR NOTES said...

spacebar, garam dharam and AB - they are IT!

soul of alec smart, i missed the govinda phenomenon.many friends disapproved of me refusing to give him the status they thought he deserved. : )

banno, :)

Sraikh said...

My 5 yr old also sings baap banjaye. LOL And a recent one..

Kab tak jawani chupao gaye NANI
Mujhse shaadi karoge..


SUR NOTES said...

sraikh, kab jawani chupaoge nani is brilliant! :)