Monday, April 28, 2008

my phobias, for parotechnics

the answers to 'the source of my phobias':
parotechnics, you broke my heart, i thought we were sisters with demented bollywood lurking in our heads!

injections, tatoos and bluish/purplish skin tone

railway tracks

(for some reason the nuns at school showed us this movie in the school hall. have i told you about the time a nun taught a bunch of us to sing ra ra rasputin, lover of the russian queen for the class programme?)

multi starrers and lover snakes(dying on electric wires, i think, ughghghg)

doors of speeding trains

men in short skirts. fantasy or phobia? i dont know, i really dont know.

and ganpati's wheeled into the sea- do they carry andar daulat desh ki?
presenting TAKKAR


Amrita said...

I still try to ape Zeenat Aman in YKB when I dance. Kitna emotional baggage hai!

SUR NOTES said...

ami:just be happy we are alive and did not ever fall off the train as we hung out singing YKB songs and others of that vintage.

parotechnics said...

well, there are movie moments that have critical mass (shalimar and dharam veer)

And there are individual fetishes, phobias, dirty secrets.

Sniff. Flounce.

And don't get me started on Rani aur Lal Pari now.....

SUR NOTES said...

oh damn, paro, kya yaad dila diya! mujhe kuch dhundla dhundla yaad aa raha hai- morning show, natraj cinema.....kuch kuch...

and nagin? no no not individual fetish. bandish and takkar- you got it, my own dirty secret!:)