Friday, April 25, 2008

a real quiz

the last post was not a real quiz- just the songs buzzing in my head all with iffy moral values.

this is a real quiz of my personal favourite phobias:

which film has danny as the villian kk? he injects (i think) poison into hema malini's forearm and kills her just before the interval. she turns blue or purple making me fear injections, tatoos(kk is a tatoo on his arm, or hers after the injection, dont remember), and bluish purplish skin tone for a long long time!

i still shudder while crossing tracks. i am sure someone out there will change the track allignment capturing my foot for ever, to be crushed by the speeding train. which film caused this phobia?

ofcourse multi starrers with lover snakes remained a perpetual phobia. which film did that to me? ending gruesomely on electric wires if i am not mistaken !

i still look over my shoulder when i stand at the door on a speeding train. in which film did the bad person push a very thin AB off the train thinking he would be out of the way for ever? but was he? out of the way?

sexy dharam paaji and jeetendra wearing skirts and a falcon as a trusted friend. which film confused phobias with fantasy for me?

which film has this song as its climax song? i always wonder when i see a ganpati hurtling into the sea...not a phobia but a doubt for sure!
murti ganesh ki
andar daulat desh ki
kya chakkar hai
aaj hamari "---------"(name of film)hai

come on, come on....


The Soul of Alec Smart said...

These are really tough.. And really before my times. Though I still remember that one of the snake lovers was Poonam Dhillon with horrible colored lenses, and the thin AB movie in which he gets pushed off the train also had a kid who AB sings to... all from the good old DD days!

dipali said...

Adorable photo of Sanah and Narmada!
Not many movies have stuck with me, so I'm generally clueless. But it was a fun read:)

surgeon said...


SUR NOTES said...

yes, surgeon. did you rhyme it? or have you seen this wonderfully vague film?

parotechnics said...

This quiz is a sick act of supremacy

I only know Nagin/Nagina and Dharam Veer

I boycott the other questions

surgeon said...

partly rhymed partly remembered hearing the song :)

vague it is

SUR NOTES said...

paro:sorry, but i saw some of the worst of hindi cinema while growing up,and it stuck in my head worse than the chewing gum that melted in my tight jeans pocket

surgeon:compelling song, na? i can sing the whole damn thing, and i dont think i ever caught it on tv. just from that one screening many moons ago.

SUR NOTES said...
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SUR NOTES said...

the soul of alec smart:have put up the answers.sorry, no poonam dhillon, but am trying hard to remember if there was a film in which she wore bad contact lenses. she probably did, will try and crack that one.