Friday, May 16, 2008


someone doing an article on motherhood called yesterday. she asked why i blog.

moppet tales has passed this onto me.

her little moppet is a couple of months younger than sanah. and i read her blog and keep mirroring her posts to my life. and there are others bloggers whom i read regularly. many of those blogs are focussed on being a mother and the trips and skips and stumbles of that identity.

it is an identity that is relatively new, and we were all befriending it at times, glaring at it, sulking away from it, and mostly figuring it out.

and the blog - i keep trying to figure out my identity as a mother, and play out in the public how madly smitten i am with the child. two things i'd be careful and subdued about in real life. its not polite talk.

so thank you maggie for this little something you have passed onto me. i guess my figuring out this motherhood thing is something you connect with too.

i wish i could change the award to ' tripping on your thoughts' and pass it onto spacebar and banno who do not have mommyblogs but keep making me figure out this motherhood thing in the darndest and most sharp-eyed ways!


Maggie said...

This is true - being a mom is a (relatively) new aspect of my identity and I'm still figuring out how it goes with the rest of me...

Btw, I should tell you - the award has nothing to do with momblogs - it's just for nice people - which I'm sure Spacebar and Banno are :-)

Space Bar said...

Overwhelmed. And acknowledging here but (and this is where my snobbery makes me an un-nice person, to use my son's phrase) I will not put that hideous image up on my bog unless it's to rip into it.

And where th eheck is Banno. How dare she toodle off to the hills when the rest of us are sweating it out bravely?