Friday, May 09, 2008

dear visitors this blog.

some who drop in because of the goofyness of my stories( and my writing)

some who are looking to read the account of yet another mother fumbling/struggling/figuring her way through

and some who drop by...because they know ME.

dear you, those who know me,
i started the blog totally unsure of what it would mean to me. and an online account of my vague thoughts, yes, i was sure i was not going to tell YOU, the ones who are my dear ones in the real world.i told two people(they know all my dark secrets), apart from the father of the child. and then avimuk, who has a catalogue of all of us who blog, found me and added me on his list. i gulped and braced myself to some friends not just having to listen to my rants, but to have to read them as well. okaaaaaay.they dont have to read, or visit the blog. i can go on venting, they will get bored and go away.

and then dhanno and aniamit visited, and then space bar, and then the chasing iiamb. okaaaaaay, these are all super fantastic writers. now i had to be deeply aware of the cheesiness of venting publicly, and the clumsy writing. damn!

and i was also posting photographs even though i knew some of my favourite photographers occasionally drop in. to them i can shield myself in the cloak of 'look, my daughter is so adorable!'

okay, apart from venting, and recording little details of the child, this blog was becoming an exercise in overcoming embarassment of awkward writing. wow, this blog was serving a purpose in personal growth. yipppeee.

but that did not mean that i am actually going to write to my friends and say hey, visit my blog, look look i am overcoming my horror of writing!

but you found me! you, journalist, you!

and you, in flint, are you who i think you are?

and is there anyone else whom i know in real life who is reading this blog? let me know, so i can avoid meeting your gaze next time. and promise that you will pretend that this really does not exist.

and dear visitors who dont know me, hello! you, in shanghai, i'd love to visit some time. and you in brazil, ditto. i am a nice soul, and once you know me i promise to pretend this blog does not exist. and you folk in the US, hello! i came to know about tulsa only because of some episode in 'friends'. is it nice out there or did chandler get it all wrong?

and the ones whom i did not know but met through their blogs - a very warm hello to you. thanks to your blogs i have met you guys and keep tripping on your anecdotes and thoughts! so keep mailing, messaging, facebook messaging, and when is our next meeting over chai/tequila?

and what keeps me addicted to this, apart from my personal growth? the comments! its great fun to hear someone else laugh along with you, nudge you along when you are messed up...

but now that you are all here, here is the goofy/lovely story of the day.

while i struggle to write this after reading the mail from my dear friend who can not believe i did not tell her that i have been writing a mommy blog, the child comes upto me, a photograph in her hand. the nangu baby, at one year, sits with her father, splashing wildly, in the sea. the two and a half year old child demands, mujhe yahan bhejo.
send me here!

since i am busy wondering how to tell dear friend not to be angry, but to hold my hand through this trauma of her discovering my secret, i can not understand what the child says.

mujhe yahan bhejo. mujhe paani aur baby ke saath khelna hai.
send me here. i want to play with the aby in the water.

i ask, baby kaun hai?
who is this baby?

chhoti sanah hai. uske saath paani mein khelna hai.
it is little sanah. i want to play with her in the water.

beam me out scottie!


Space Bar said...

I am adding Sanah Squash to my other favourite S Squash! She has been born to eb eaten up, I'm telling you!

I still start getting mild palpitations when people I know tell me they read my blog. I can't really deal with it.

But I can't stop. I've made so many friends, had so many (good) arguments, learnt so much since I started blogging.

The thing to do is coopt. Ask friend to start blogging and she will forget she was ever indignant!

(I'm think how, if it hadn't been for blogs, I wouldn't be in touch with you, Mukul, Banno, Paro and Kuntal).

dipali said...

Delightful, delectable Sanah!
How did you get out of this one, Sur?

SUR NOTES said...

space bar: sanah squash is a good idea. yeah, i have had a blast too with this blogging. and i do feel guilty i did not let my pal in on this- she was after all one of my main phone counsellors!

dipali: i told her to sit on the side, close her eyes and imagine she was in the water with little sanah. i think she rolled her eyes and walked off. i think she has begun rolling her eyes at me already:(
and scottie did not beam me up.

Tania said...

I am the one from Flint(I guess thats what my IP provider says).Do you know me:)?
I have been around your blog for the last couple of weeks and find it to be an engaging read.Of course Sanah's anecdotes keeps me hooked to your blog.
She seems to have all the right questions and right songs.
Will be back again to read tomorrow.

SUR NOTES said...

tania: hello! i have a close pal in flint who does not know about this blog. thought he was pouring over the blog...
see you tomorrow:)

The Soul of Alec Smart said...

Hey! I am one of those who don't know you and have been delurking only for the last few posts. I come back here because this is one of those pages that don't need try too hard or need to much to be fun.. a simple conversation with a precocious child said in the most matter-of-fact manner has had me in splits so many times :) And I am surprised to know you thought you didn't write well. It's so not true!

Sraikh said...

I found you through MM or maybe through Rohini's blog. I have been reading for a while but I think my first comment was the one on the songs..because my 2nd child sings it Baap banjaye as well :)

FYI: I live in Boulder CO but am currently visiting my family in Singapore.

PS:Most of my relatives in Singapore read my blog even my dad so I dont write abt how I jumped on my dh after he came back from a business trip. I also dont tell any friends that I blog.If someone googles my username then they will find it but no one usually bothers

SUR NOTES said...

sraikh: hope your flight went off well. and the kids treated you well?

Poppins said...

Aha, so how did you explain that to your friend? I have maybe two real life friends who know that I have a mommy blog. And there's nothing worse than having to explain about it to those who find out I imagine.

Sanah and her dear little stories are just so much fun. And I love reading the other bits too, of your travel, and other stories.