Saturday, May 10, 2008



you need to know that even though i have watched most of your films you have no business subjecting your scripts on my family.

my child, yes, she has a beauty spot.perched delicately on the side of her calves, on the right leg. we just noticed it, its a beauty alright.

the father, yes, he has a beauty spot. it sits pat on the side of his calves........on the right leg. yes, on the exact same spot sits the beauty spot. and i mean exact.

so now what, when they meet in a mela ten years later they will roll up their pants?

papa-beti-papa-beti will pierce through the clamour of the mela?

maybe i will wear a nice big locket and eat pop corn on the side.

the mother, without a beauty spot on her leg.


dipali said...

Sur, you are priceless:)

SUR NOTES said...

dipali: am glad to know someone finds this post funny. shall i tattoo the beauty spot on? what do you think? and a happy mother's day to you.

Poppins said...

LOL! That was so darn funny. Isn't it amazing though that they both have it? I thought it happened only in the movies!

SUR NOTES said...

its my parents fault! if they had not made me watch all those manmohan d's films this would not have happened!

thelastbyte said...

dude, you should totally tattoo the spot on. Or invent your own secret language to teach your daughter. The locket funda always bothered me - so easy to steal 'em.

Strangely enough, I had a "beauty" spot on my ring finger in the exact location as my dad. I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Null Pointer

SUR NOTES said...

null pointer: so man desai was copying from the real and not the other way around.

now that i know you and your dad have a beauty spot on the exact same spot i need not feel like my family copied from desai's scripts.

and we do have our own secret language:)

thelastbyte said...

ah, the tattoo phobia. I'm ashamed to say that I'm way behind on my bollywood education and haven't watched Bandish. In fact, tried umpteen times to watch Sholay from start to finish, but still missed some parts because I was the only idiot in town who still hadn't seen it. *finds a large plastic flower, censoring a wet rain kiss, to hide behind*

Null Pointer