Friday, May 16, 2008

her genes

her genes are all mixed up. and thats an understatement.

she is becoming quite an expert thanks to me. my mother took her into the pool when she was barely seven or eight months old. these past few weeks my mum has been taking her for a swim everytime she is around and not at work. the child jumps in fearlessly. she flips, twists, and does other strange fish like things in the water.she is trying to through off her arm floats and swim without them. she will not go to the kiddie pool, main ab badi hun. she has no fear. yes, she has her grandmother's genes. maternal grandmother.

after my mum is able to drag her away from the pool she goes into the shower room, to do what is expected- shower. and then, she goes on to pound, scrub, rinse, pound-scrub-rinse again and again until her swim suit is clean of all known and unknown germs. this ritual cannot be interrupted by my ever impatient mom who has a million things to do, always. no, nothing can disturb this ritual. yes, she has her grandmother's genes. her paternal grandmother.

her father and mother look on in horror. we will have a HUUUUUUUGGGGGEEEE set of issues to deal with if this child of ours is blessed with both her grandmothers' genes.

i think i will pack my bags and, you want to escape with me?


~nm said...

Wow! thats wonderful! Swimming and having no fear is what we all want!

Ask your mom to click pics!

I've been wanting Anriudh to learn swimming to but haven't even gotten to start sending him for the lessons!

And whenever you decide to run, come to Delhi! :P

Space Bar said...

I'm jealous. I've been trying to get this guy to swim and he loves it so long as he can keep the tube on. Last year he was coached for a month, by the end of which he HATED swimming. I vowed not to do that to him again.

But pools are not so easily accessible or are not clean and there's nothing I'd like better in the summer. Sigh.

Please take photo of Sanah washing her swimsuit after! I am sure it will be priceless. Also take one of her swimming like a guppy. Then, when the two grandmothers issue comes up, you'll have a photo for each to win 'em over.

Proof! you can say, waving it under their noses. Right here. She's justlike you.

dipali said...

Amazing and wondrous child.Kya gene pool hai! No escape for you, Sur:)

NainaAshley said...

She can swim already? That's great! Apple wants to learn to swim, she loves the pool but does not like to follow instructions , so no actual learning happens.
BTW I enjoyed reading this post. Very well written! Funny!

Mama - Mia said...


first time here and enjoying it! Sanah sounds so perfect!! faerless AND a perfectionist! yup! you have got a handful there! :)