Monday, May 05, 2008

i am so cool

i hate software
i hate hardware
i hate glitches, bugs, time code breaks, camera undetected messages,unkown error messages, fully faltu messages!

i hate the first two days of every project

and the last two days

but in between -i am cool!


dipali said...

ice ice baby:)

thelastbyte said...

for some reason, I feel the need to apologize - for the crappy quality of software, that is. I sure as hell have released substandard code in my day, sometimes out of sheer spite and others out of blissful ignorance.

Ditto regarding first and last 2 days of a project. All the planets need to be perfectly aligned, the ginger in the chai needs to be just right and the purple elephant in Africa needs to make peace with its imaginary hyena friend before I can begin my projects.

Null Pointer

SUR NOTES said...

dipali: trying trying...

thelastbyte: you written any film editing software? confess, woman, confess. will start spamming your mail box with trouble shooting questions NOW. :)
and vis-a-vis the purple elephant, she was in a foul mood yesterday.

Itchingtowrite said...

i lov ctrl alt del keys!!! solution to all problems