Monday, May 26, 2008

lack of evidence?

okay, lets just turn on the parents and their terrible homes, and disastrous parenting.

a 15 year old is found dead on the beach. she has wounds all over the body, suggesting fierce struggle. lets say she drowned when she was drunk, overdosed. and lets turn on the mother. heavens, that will be easy. she is a bohemian, a hippy, has multiple partners, and multiple children. bad bad mother. she left her 15 year old with people she says she trusted. bah. who does that. she asked for it - the murder of her 15 year old. hey, lets book her for being a bad bad mother. drug dealers? murderers? they dont threaten our system, bad mothers do. especially those bad mothers who dare fight for their dead daughters even though they left them alone on the beaches of goa with drug dealers and murderers lurking dare the bad mother point fingers at drug dealers and murderers and the police!

a 14 year old is found dead in her house. lets take a week to say, bad father, bad mother. its hard to say it the very next day. first lets just say, servant. they are all murderers, not to be trusted. oh, oh, the servant is dead too? hmmm. before the press says you are incompetent lets say the father did it. of all the proof we found all we know is that the father was having an affair with his partner.yes, we found the motive. the girl did not approve so father killed her. oh, oh, sounds weak? the 14 year old was having an affair with the servant so the father got enraged and killed them both. and the mother. bad bad mother. defending the husband rather than crying buckets on tv for her lost child.

the first case i am pretty sure what my position is.i am outraged that the mother is being made the accused.
the second case, i hope the murderer is found and booked. it could be the father after all.but from the 'evidence' that the press is reporting i can not be convinced. and i am no perry mason, i am the kind who is easily convinced.

i get two newspapers in the morning. both newspapers reported the story based on an interviews of the mother in a news channel the previous night. wow, brilliant journalism. the news channel conducted the interview on prime time like an oprah winfrey show. "so how did you feel...? Are you in pain....? etc etc etc" the ticker tape below ran furiously along with opinions - she is an insult to motherhood- she looks like she is suffering she must be telling the truth-

its a peverse game thats playing out in front of us. the press and the police. investigations? no time for that. give us your theory, your suspects now now now. and lets put into place basic outrage in the public. outrage over the death of a child will not sustain the scandal. the father was having an affair, he is a successful dentist. she has multiple partners. her very being should outrage the values we hold so dear. investigation, whats that? the verdict is out.our wholesome, comfortable middle class values are under threat, thats the story.


dipali said...

These days it seems that every damn crime turns into a major sociology study, where the focus is on hazaar opinions and very few facts.

That young girl's face haunts me. I sincerely hope her killer/s are caught.

Sloganmurugan said...

“The characteristic note of our time is the mediocre man, and his commonplace mind. And this mind knowing itself to be mediocre, has the gall to its right to mediocrity, and goes on to impose itself wherever it can. Be it our theatrewallahs, be it our politicians. This is a living hell.” - Vijay Tendulkar

Space Bar said...

i still haven't watched the tv news and i know i don't want to - trail by media is the most outrageous thing about every one of these incidents.

but really, what's the police's excuse every time?

Media Watch said...

This link

Excerpts: To the producers of serious news work it seems like the world has ceased to care as journalism trails invisibly behind celebrity gossip and lifestyle specials. It’s a trajectory of decay that appears to be driven by the American consumer: still the world’s biggest economy the culture is fueled by Maddison Avenue advertising, Hollywood movie culture and TV entertainment where opinion is now more important than information.

It’s all true, and yet it isn’t. Shift perspective slightly and you see that the same American consumer is also pushing back. The same culture that led the demise of the old is simultaneously building the new. In Spring 2008 the US-based Project For Excellence In Journalism has published its fifth annual report at the centre of which is an amazingly bright spark of hope: they confirm that the consumer appetite for real news is undiminished. What has changed is that they are looking in new places and they are consuming information in different ways...

Anonymous said...

what is absolutely unbelievable is everyone justifying the daughter's murder because what could a poor enraged father do when he saw his daughter in 'compromising positions' with the servant. it makes me wonder are we still the same land that glorifies honour killings.

it all convinces you how little things have changed. i currently dread watching the news on TV because arushi is everywhere and its her sexuality that is being discussed instead of who actually committed the crime.

Poppins said...

Two children get murdered and all we can talk about is their sexuality? It's beyond disgusting. When and how did this sensationalism by the media become so commonplace? I can't even read a newspaper without being bombarded by pictures of naked women, I can't switch on the TV without seeing two bit "journalists" offering their expert opinion.

Manpreet said...

Well, the priority of the media is not reportage, it is judgement. The media pronounces judgment and cursed be the man/woman who falls victim to this judgement, for he/she is guilty till proven innocent.

Banno said...

I keep away from TV news as a matter of course. The newspapers are bad enough.

karmickids said...

Sur, I am with you on this. I cannot cannot believe a parent will kill or harm a child. Except for monsters like that Austrian father.
As for Scarlett Keelings mother. She's paid such a heavy price for her lapse of judgement. I had such a moment at Bengaluru airport last week. The lines were insane, and I'd found an empty counter, and my luggage was with my mother at the end of another huge line, so I left the brat with the counter staff and ran off to get the luggage. It was only when my mother bawled me out that I had a cold icy hand squeezing my heart into icicles. Only when I saw him sitting on the counter, gabbing with the lady that I breathed normally.
With fiona, I still believe it was a lapse in judgement, she's fought like a tigress for her daughter.
But this media circus is something we could do without.