Thursday, May 01, 2008

songs about you

we have gone back to singing re mama re mama re after a long time.

i am the kind who seldom remembers entire songs, so this one is good, you can make up verses as you go along- until she asks you to rhyme with words she chooses.

sometimes it works -
hum to gaye bazaar mein lene ko fauji
fauji wauji kuch na mila, peeche pada georgie

we went to the market to get a soldier
soldier voldier, we did not get him
but georgie got after us!

thank you thank you

and then it rapidly dipped...






and then it got worse- sarada, mukul, rohan, sonal, spacebar's son( an impossible word to rhyme with,me thinks)

mukul called and helped me in my despair- he offered- bulbul, gokul, beautiful(heh heh)

so if you want songs sung about you just tell me what rhymes with your name...and add to this wonderful song that can go on and on and on, and EVEN I can sing it without losing SUR!


Sraikh said...


We sing that song too. Its funny hearing it in my kid's accent. Another fav one is Lakri ki gati..

I suck at writing Roman hindi.

SUR NOTES said...

hey there, sraikh! yes lakdi ki kathi is good- but requires you to remember the lyrics!!!
she rolls her eyes when i sing nanhi pari sone chali- for two reasons -one, it means i am desperate that she falls asleep. and two- you need a good singer for this song!

Space Bar said...

heh! i knew i made a good choice, yes?

dipali said...

What fun. Used to sing this with the kids- I don't think we were so creative!

momstir said...

i also do


love your blog

Sraikh said...

My roman hindi is bad. I actually sounded the words out loud to figure out the spelling. My dh looked at the comment and said you and your totlah hindi.

I remembered another song, from a Mithum(i think) movie Parivaar. The monkey drove the jeep..
Cham Cham chanda ka laga ka bhindiya..
I am sitting here surfing blogs ignoring the fact that I still need to finish my packing for tomorrow

SUR NOTES said...

spacebar: you help me out of this one! and she also wants me to put her on a plane so she can go to hyderabad to visit you know who!

dipali: dont mock me -paani -nani? creative. and kaju-ajju does not even rhyme! am sure you have some wonderful rhyming words to ofer- come on come on, help me out of this one.

momstir: oh thats good. and i have a friend, kobi- so kobi-dhobi-gobi! wow!

sraikh: will google this film and song- how on earth did i miss this gem while growing up...and your roman hindi - you have a hell of a lot of packing to do- dont even bother with this :)

dipali said...

Sur, I'm not mocking you at all. I can only think of a rude word which rhymes with 'matthi'!

SUR NOTES said...

dipali: punjabi word? bolo bolo. did not get the rhyme.

SUR NOTES said...

dipali: and i was just teasing when i said you were mocking me. i meant- you are being too kind. and you, true lover of music, would balk if you would hear my balnk verse being sung in meter! and i am still looking for your holi reco - damn music world shops stock 98% crap!

Space Bar said...

sur: ask her to hang in there. G will be in Bombay in a couple of weeks. Will give you numbers and you can try and meet.

Will mail you. It's complicated.

thelastbyte said...

Oh cool!


Null Pointer

dipali said...

Sur, it starts with t, and doesn't have the 'h' sound. Hindi/Punjoo both.
Got it?

atthecruxofit said...

how about

daadhi- gaadi
jhaadi- pahaadi
loose - kanjoos (?!)
belan- helen (okay sorry)

jail - rail
tail - mail
mister - sister
house - mouse
beautiful mukul
pani nahi aata in the bathroom ka nal,
lets go and call up aunty sonal!

gaate hain in full sur uncle rohan
chahe ho maddona ya jan gan man

apan-tapan :)

haina - sanah

SUR NOTES said...

the last byte: thanks. i did a terrible job of explaning pointer/ punter. but she loves the sound, so all is well.

dipali: got it.: )

tapan: thanks thats a lot of maal you have added to my pitiable collection

the mad momma said...

gee Sur - that was a slow day. how could you NOT get Dipali's rhyme? and whats more, i cant believe Dipali came up with it :D