Monday, May 12, 2008


moments now, and back then
inspired by this who was responding to this.

strips of road burning white outside my window.
the weathered building bleached away into an apparition.
crisp red slices of chilled watermelon.
ice crushed in my father's ironed handkerchief soaked in the green, purple or orange squash.
the walk to the sugarcane juice vendor with a steel jug. the walk back, hugging the sweating cold jug, filled with the anticipation of sitting under the fan sipping the green liquid and going to heaven.
cheek on the cool floor, and t shirt pulled back to let the pregnant tummy rest on the same cool floor.
white sheets, dark curtains, khus khus, muslin frocks, hair plaited away and held high away from the neck.
stroking my grand mother's back to find that exact spot wher ethe itch was most tiresome.

go on, add to this list....we might just enjoy the gentle baking feeling.

edited to add: remembered my childhood, and the present, forgot college and after.
glutinous eyes atop badshah falooda after a trek to crawford mkt.
parsee dairy kulfi split into two.
parsee dairy yoghurt split into two.
purple tongues layered with the dryness of jamun.
airconditioned libraries with two heads buried in books.
the blast of hot air on the first seat atop the double decker.


The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

'cheek on the cool floor, and t shirt pulled back to let the pregnant tummy rest on the same cool floor.'

Now that sounds lovely... and sugarcane jooce! mmmm

SUR NOTES said...

and walking around the house with big big belly protruding out of the pushed up tshirt . enjoy and take care, shoe fiend.

Poppins said...

Lovely visual imagery. For me summer means board games, rasna and Kerala.

Mama - Mia said...

i never realised summers are indeed so perfect! :)

beautiful stuff!